Thursday, January 31, 2013

No man or woman is an island.

About 2 days ago i had the pleasure of meeting a guy who is exactly where i'd like to be in weight!!! Man he was soo encouraging and easy to talk to. The more i asked questions the more he'd answer them and was happy to do it. We are the same height (5'10") and he actually started at my current weight (237) and now he is 183! He's told me everthing that he does and anytime he thinks he forgot something he'll send me a quick email to let me know that "one more thing." The dude has run like 3 half marathons,2 marathons and a slew of 5K's,10K's etc!! Wow! And to top it off,not that he's old,but the guy is 53!! I thought to myself. I have NO EXCUSES for not running after my goal!! He even told me if he can do it i can do it! Dang!! I wanted to run right then!!!! Anyway, im learning that in life the more you give out of your understanding and experience with anything the more you get. I know how i feel when people ask me, How i did it?? You feel good! Even though i always say "it's just me." People genuinely want to know and i want to try to help. I don't know much and im still really new to this but i firmly believe you're at your best when you help others get where they want to be!! Don't be afraid to ask questions because nobody knows it all. If they claim to, walk away! The more you know the better you are and the better you are the more you can help others aim high!! Let's go and pump that water!! Peace and Love!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oatmeal cream pies and McDonald's fries oh my!!!

Ok! Ok! I have a confession to make. I have somehow allowed myself to justify 2 guilty pleasures the last 2 weeks. Look! Don't judge me! I told yall i aint perfect!! Anyway, during my lunch break at work i normally eat pretty clean with some protein and veggies and of course WATER. But here lately since they are soo cheap and i feel like i've been soo good i have found a friend. Yes..the Oatmeal cream pie. They are soo good to me and i guess it would be ok in moderation,but i must admit i think ive had one everday at lunch time! UGHHH! Is it my fault that i think they are fantastic???! I mean they should'nt be that good!! Dang! The other thing is..normaly in the evening i will have a salad or something light for dinner, but here again i've added a new side dish in the form of McDonalds fries..Yeah i the runnin fat guy..Shut it!!! Don't sit up there and say you don't like those fries!! Especially when they're nice and HOT!! Good grief. Again it might not be too bad if they were eaten in moderation,but i seem to have made them my side dish for the last couple of weeks! My justification? Well at least im not getting a quarter pounder with cheese too!! hahaha! Well! I had to confess this and now i feel better about it. Thing is i know i have to be honest about what food choices i make and that aint a good one. And don't you know the freekin fries weren't even HOT! Soo the moral of the story is, be real with what you eat cause im learning how to be. Stuff you know you shouldn't be eating on a regular will kill your dream! Stay focused! No pies no fries!!!!! Peace and Love!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The journey.

Shout out to everybody drinking water even though you may be headed to the bathroom more than you want to be!! But hey it's a good thing and our kidneys along with all of our other vital organs really appreciate it. Our journey this week is filled with the "unknown." Yeah, that's the part of the journey that can be so eye opening in many areas of our life. We learn a lot about our will on this journey, our energy level, our attitude, our physical strength, and our mental strength. Outside influences are all around us threatening to try and kill the journey because once you start there will always be critics and encouragers. It's up to us to drown out those voices so that we can go deeper into the "unknown." It's there that we can stretch ourselves and do things that we never thought possible. You know i truly believe that when people who have lost lots of weight get the " I don't even recognize you look." Or "You look so different." It's actually 2 fold. Could it be possible that whether your trying to lose 10lbs or 100lbs that there is a different person locked away in the "unknown."
I think our confidence level grows as we step into things that maybe our weight has held us back from. The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with one step. The great thing is it's your journey and you chart your own course. Let's go and be encouraged. One day at a time! Peace and Love!

Monday, January 28, 2013

If it were easy everybody would do it.

Isn't it funny how we all we want certain things, but putting forth the effort to get something isn't always a cake walk. As a matter of fact iv'e heard it said that anything worth having is going to bring with it, it's own brand of struggle. life i believe that to be true. And yet in life its the choices we make concerning things, that show what we are really willing to push forward with, or just decide it's not worth it. I mean have you ever felt like," aww what's the use?" if you have some cake when you promised yourself you wouldn't? I have! It's like since ive already screwed up i might as well go all the way! So eat a few more pieces and forget the work out! But can i tell you that its worth the fight. This is truly the "Battle of the Bulge." We lose some battles but we will win the War. Its not easy and its not supposed to be. The fact that you grind it out every time you walk,run,lift or whatever it is you do is more than most of your peers. If it were easy everybody would put the time and effort in to be different. We're in the trenches folks and it's never easy to go against the grain. Hang in there and do go off the deep end. You're doing more than you were and that's a good thing. Peace and Love!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Take a deep exhale.

Today you have been blessed with life. The fact that you are reading this post means that you are alive and that alone is something to be grateful for. So many times i have taken for granted that i have another chance at living life to the fullest. Sure there are always things to be concerned about. I mean there is never nothing to think about,but in the grand scheme of things we all need to worry less about the things we cannot control. Take a look around at your life. Even though it may not be exactly as you'd have it you still have an opportunity to fix what you can and leave the rest to God. Allow your mind to paint a picture of how you'd like to be and pursue it with all your might. Turn over your desires to the Creator of heaven and earth who can work with all of our mistakes and short comings. Give Him the weaknesses of your mind and body and begin again. Don't quit! Begin again. Peace and Love!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

You have the power!

Today on my run i thought to myself, all this time i wasted not really making a decision to  change Me seemed wasted. But then again everybody has to move in their own time. And only YOU know when that time is. I really want to be a better me. Not just physically,but on the inside too. I think excercising helps me to see who i really am a little clearer and it pulls out the stuff in me that i don't like,but know i should fix. Years ago an older guy i know told me when i was about 18 that "life is a long race, so pace yourself man." I've never forgotten those words and it's sooo true! Folks YOU have the power to change and nobody can do it for you. Don't let others opinion of who they think you are have power over you! Remember it's one lifestyle change at a time! Have a great weekend. Drink your water and eat something better for you! Peace and Love!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Gym talkers..all they are is talk. Do you!

Hmmph!! Gym know these bums dont cha? This morning after my workout i had the pleasure of over hearing some "gym talkers" in the next room over. They were talking about a guy who comes in with jeans on and does a few things but maybe not a lot of things. Bottom lines is this...people who are soo concerned about what you do they need to get a freeking LIFE!!!!! Yeah i noticed the guy coming in..but guess what?? HE COMES IN!! Besides that..some people love to talk about other people to make themselves feel good. Crazy thing is it wasn't like they were holding it down like Ebony or Cosmopolitan models themselves! The point here is know the saying your damned if you do and damned if you don't? It's true!!!! One minute they sang Hosanna at Jesus coming through and the next they wanted to crucify Him!...Do your thang people whatever it is and FORGET the "gym talkers." Whatever! Peace and Love! Ohhh yeah and i when i  came out the shower i told'em.."Wow yall aint got a lotta sweat on you. Must be nice to work out through talking." Hehehe..we laughed it off,but they knew where i was coming from. Ha! Happy Friday yall!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What's in your fridge?

Getting my lunch together last night for work i noticed how differently the fridge looks. What used to be full of junk is a lot less junkier. Don't get me wrong it wasn't completely bad,but it sure has come a long way from Kool-aid that was soo sweet it could double as syrup on pancakes!!! Now we have a whole lot more grilled chicken and baked foods in there. Carrots,broccoli,cauliflour,spinach are everywhere. As well as bananas,apples,and oranges. Little by little it's looking a lot healthier in there and that's a good thing. I think that the path to eating better is partly due to what we allow to invade our refridgerators. If it's in there you'll eat it and hopefully if it's not, the choices you're left with will be good ones. I thought my kids would have a fit when we stopped by kool-aid over a year ago!!! But guess what? They got used to it and so would you! Peace and Love!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boom! Pow!!!!

Wassup team??!! I had one heck of a work out this morning! And no i did not want to get out of bed and  to head to the gym but i made it. See! When you push in spite of what you don't FEEL like doing you get satisfaction from it. least i do. You know all over the world people are still talking about how they're going to get it together this year. Mmmm hmmm...Man i'm going to work out just let me get the right shoes,or wait til i slow down at work ,or just wait til my schedule slows down,or wait til these kids don't have so many practices,plays and recitals,or whatever it is. Can i tell you something? It will ALWAYS be something! Kill that noise and go do it now! I mean really? Put that work in and do what people say you can't!!! I love that feeling! Dont you? Let's go! 2013! The year of doing what you said you were gonna do! Back in the day we had a saying,"Don't talk about it be about it!"..LOL!! Peace and Love!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Choosing what's best for you!

It's not like i don't wanna go out and eat with the crew. But im trying to keep it real with myself and not go, because my goals are important to me. When people ask you to go eat some place that you know is going to sabotage you, we all need to learn how to "Just Say No". It's not that you're being anti social. You're trying to stay focused. Besides..who cares if they don't understand? You gotta do you! And so do i! The mission is clear. Eat less,Eat right and move more! But dang that food looks good!..hahaha! Let's get it! Peace and Love!

Can you committ?

Hey folks! This week i want to challenge you to get a work out in at least 3 times this week for 30 minutes, and pump more water in your body. I actually feel better after having done this water for 7 days. You owe it to yourself to get active and start. Just focus on today or whenever you're going to start and get it in. You have until Sunday and i know we all can make time for what's important. YOU are important! Don't quit and block out the noise of the week. There's always noise ya know? This that and the other...use it as motivation to fight your way through, no excuses! Peace and Love!

Monday, January 21, 2013

You've got just a little more to give.

I tend to get a little upset with myself when i give in to my body and quit running because im tired. Today was a good run,but i know i had just a little more to give had i just let my mind take over. At some point i think we all have to tell our bodies to SHUT UP!! Yeah it's hard and yes it's tough,but it is what it is and we have to not give in when deep down we know we could go just a little longer. Don't quit on yourself people. If you mess up with your meals or excercise don't get down on yourself. It's a battle everyday and we're all fighting it and we WILL WIN!!!
Oh and im proud to say ive lost another 4 pounds!!! Which puts me at 237lbs today!
Peace and Love!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Take care of yourself!

This weekend i had the opportunity to visit some friends and i had a blast! Today as i spoke with their pastor i remarked how he was in awesome shape. Seriously the man is like 65 and he looks like he's 40!!! He went on to tell me how he has a guy in his church who is a registered nurse take his blood pressure after the service so that he can stay on top of it. It really floored me because you don't find many people let alone pastors who take their health that serious. It was a lesson for me and as i told him, i hope i can look  as good and youthful as he does when  i make it to 65! Wow!!!
We gotta take care of ourselves people. Start today. One day at a time. Peace and Love!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I know it's the weekend!! Put the soda down and drink that!

Yeah yeah's the weekend so i can have a soda right?? Nope! Many of you have read the blurbs as of late about there being absoloutely ZERO that is good about soda,diet too. I mean on the real i love some cold pepsi, but the more i read about how it lends itself to high blood pressure,diabetes,liver failure,kidney failure and all the rest im like dang!!! I can't have nothing!
Now im not saying i'll never ever have one, but i challenged myself to not have one and embrace some good old fashion water. You remember water don't you? It's what most of our bodies are made up of. It's also what we need to keep drinking to flush out our systems so that we function better. I don't know about you but whenever i drink a lot of soda i find myself wanting water before long! It's crazy but it's true. Soo!....this weekend incorporate some water at some point. During the week im pretty good about drinking it, but on the weekends..hmmmph! Strawberry lemonades and pepsi dominate. Drink your water yall!! You owe it to your body. Pray for me!!!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I hate the word DIET!

I know it's been the culture of society to inquire about how people lose weight and then ask are you on a diet? To me diet implies that it's a temporary thing and when you get where you want to be you could fall back into your old ways. I like to think of the changes i've made as a lifestyle switch. Truly incorporating better foods and excercise is part of my life. One day at a time i try to approach my life style changes as an opportunity to learn more about myself and the things i put in my body. Soo with that let's say we are on a life style change for the better. We've made some adjustments if you will to be healthier and more educated about our bodies. What you can eat i may not be able to and vice versa. Happy Friday folks! Peace and Love!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow and Ice=Eating

With the holidays and winter weather it can really add to putting on pounds. Who doesn't want a few bowls of chili,cheese and sourcream and some sweet cornbread? When you're at home just chillin out it is soo easy to eat everything in sight while you enjoy watching the snow or ice from the warmth of your couch or favorite chair. Today in the mountains they are calling for almost a foot of snow!! And wouldn't you know it? Like clockwork everybody fills the store to get milk,bread and! My only request was popcorn...microwave that is. I was told by my wife that that isn't necessary! Really?? Who doesn't like popcorn with a movie?!!! Let's all do our best to not completely lose it during the winter. I know its hard but at least try to snack on some stuff that's healthy and maybe do some reading,writing...or maybe even jump on your WII!!! Don't pack on what you took off during the lazy,cold days of winter. Stay focused! Peace and Love.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where's my buddy?

Most of the time i run,or work out i  do it alone. It's not that i'm so much a "loner",or i don't want to be bothered(sometimes i don' It's just that i hate waiting on people. You know those people right? You gonna work out today.."ohh yeah i'll be there!" And a no show is what you find on the night YOU sacrificed to be at the gym. If you have to depend on people to motivate you then 9 times of 10 they will have to motivate you to keep you going. In the beginning maybe that's what you need, but it sure shouldn't be mandatory to keep you afloat. After all, it is YOUR body we're talking about here. Read,watch,learn and motivate yourself. At some point you have to be the machine that keeps you going! Peace and Love.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Isn't it funny how we can make time for things that we really want to do? On Sunday my family and i went out to dinner and we ran into an old friend whom we hadn't seen in a while. Like a lot of people in buffet lines we stood there holding plates and catching up on families and what's new. Our friend then remarked how i had lost weight and looked good. To which i replied,"thank you." She then asked,"now did you do it on your own or did your doctor make you do it". Hmmm..a couple of things went through my mind after i said,"well no i decided it was time to change." Was she saying that i was big enough that my doctor probably thought it was in my interest to do so? Or, at one point are we going to make a change before we are TOLD we have to make a change for the sake of our life?
Everybody has got stuff to do! Most people can't say,"oh today i have nothing to do all day long."
Let me ask you a question? How important are you to you? Do you think your worth good health? Sure you are..we all are. But we make time for the things that we want to make time for. If the decision to work out and eat better came down to life or death from the mouth of a doctor do you think you'd have a problem MAKING time for excercise and a better diet? Of course not! I think we'd all be in the gym and at least trying to stay away from soo much fried food and candy bars. Make time for what's important today, because "aint nobody got time for that", is not an excuse if we want to have a better quality of life. Peace and Love!

Monday, January 14, 2013

It has to start in your head.

Ever ate just because it was there? Ever been bored,depressed,worried,mad,frustrated,happy,elated and just ate and ate because was there. I've done it too! Then after i did i felt like crap, because i know it was an emotional session of being a pig when i really didn't have to. The holidays have come and gone though, and life will always provide some sort of challenge that will try and bait us in to eating a ridiculous amount of food when we're not REALLY hungry. Or we will eat something that is soo high in fat,or sugar that if we were counting calories we wouldn't be able to eat anything for 3 days!!!!! Unicef used to have this commercial that said, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste." There is soo much truth to that when you think about how we allow people,problems and circumstances to dictate our life. Ohh might not think so but think about this. If things don't control you, why are you eating that when you get upset? If people don't get in your head. Why do you shut down and don't get your 30 minute work out in when you promised yourself that this year you WOULD no matter what?? See...your mind is a powerful tool that can talk itself out of or in to anything!! But it all starts with your mind. I can recall when i first started walking, i would tell myself,"One day im gonna be a runner." Hahaha! I would actually talk to myself and say, "Im gonna run a 5K and marathons one day!" Crazy! I know right?? LOL! This coming from someone who was never athletic in the least bit. But i had a vision in my"head" about where i wanted to be. And have to have a vision as well. It all starts in your head. Why is that you do what you do? Find the answer to that, and channel it in  to something that helps you get in better shape physically and mentally. What i try to do is run or go to the gym when i've got a lot of stuff going on in my life. Instead of getting a Mommas pancak e breakfast from Cracker Barrel...i run. When life throws me lemons...i try to run. Whatever that thing is for you turn it into burned up fat and calories!! It has to start in your head! To date i have run 4 5K's,1-8K and 1-4miler and i'm just getting started!!!
Oh! and i still love! Peace and Love!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Morning coffee

I chose to call this submission "Morning Coffee" because for me, much of my reflection time comes from having a nice warm cup and a quiet spot to think. Health and Fitness is a billion dollar industry that keeps on churning out product after product,pill after pill and pipe dream after pipe dream to consumers all across the world. When you think about it society is in the middle of the game that business plays to get your money!! Ohh!..... You do know its all about money right?? From the dvd's to the next great machine that'll take it all off in 30 days its a racket!! The bottom line is there is no easy way to a heathy life style period, end of story. There are no short cuts to looking and feeling better! We all have to do the hard work. I don't want to belabor the point here but it comes down to a simple decision to eat less and move more. Sure we can modify that by saying we need to eat the right things,but honestly in its simplest form a healthy lifestyle is just that. Eat less and move more.
For some of us we can pinpoint the exact time in life when health became a nonfactor or better still we can see where it was never a priority in our upbringing. For me it was NEVER a priority! It was...this is dinner it or go to bed! Momma wasn't making any special meals because i didn't like something. Now i don't blame mom but as i've gotten older i realise i have to do better and i meal at a time with some lapses(honestly). Did you know that food cravings are just as strong as a person addicted to drugs?? Ohh has proven that sugar,salt and fat have been in our diets soo long that our brains have to be reprogrammed to JUST SAY NO. Imagine that?? Donuts,chips,cookies and cake are the equivilent of cocaine,meth or weed. See you wouldn't think so,but you can destroy your body just as fast over time by eating too much of what you shouldn't just as well as a person who can't stay free of drugs. Be honest..when you look at something you want to eat, can you walk away?? I mean especially if its Who can resist free???
Moderation is the key but it is soooo HARD! The challenge i want to give us all this week is to THINK before you eat and get some physical activity in this week. Why?? because you are important to your family,friends and God. Be good to you and remember there really is no short cut to a better you. You have what it takes inside you already. It just needs to be awakened! Peace and Love!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

They don't know you!!

Ok!...Ok! Can i say something?? Whenever you get your workout on please try not to compare yourself to other people!! This can quickly sabotage you menatally before you walk the first mile,run the first lap or eat the first salad. People who you allow to get in your head because they look the way you want to, have put in the work to get that way. It's a process that every one of us has to go through and it aint gonna be easy! I'd love to say that it is but we ALL know it's not! It's doing things that others won't do to be where you want to be. I remember when i first started running i'd see people slim and trim with their little water bottles and outfits lapping me. Honestly it would piss me off because im thinking...their probably saying,"Look at the fat guy trying to run." Now they may not have been paying any attention to me or maybe they did chuckle as they ran by?? I dont know?
But the issue wasn't really with them it was with me! Regardless of what outside opposition you think is there. They don't know you!!!!! Your focus is on you so do you to the fullest! When your tired and don't want to go to the gym Go! When you have every excuse in the world not to walk, Walk! When you say "im in a hurry i'll just hit McDonalds!" Instead of the Big Mac and fries...get a salad!!!!
Last thing i'd like to mention here. Who cares what others do or don't do? They can't live your life for you. And as a good friend of mine would say. "No matter how slow you are,your still faster than the person on the couch!" I'm headed to the park to run!!!! Peace and Love!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The mirror check!

Yesterday as i was getting dressed i did what most people do as i like to call it, the "mirror check". You know it don't you? It's where you walk by a mirror or face a mirror and for a second you say to yourself..".uhhhh i gotta fix this!" For me it's belly fat and everything above my knees!! The "mirror check" quickly brings reality into full view for me because i know i've come a long way but hell, i've got a long way to go. The point i'd like to make here is this. Don't allow people who love you to say to you ohhh it's ok, or man or girl you sure have lost weight! And then you stop or get slack with what your doing to accomplish the goal you've set for yourself. Even if you haven't started on the path to fitness or better health,sometimes friends and family who mean well can side track you because they love you. Deep down inside you know what you have to do,so keep doing IT! Make the decision today to not avoid the mirror but look it strait in the eye and say, "I see you,but your about to get a smack down with this run,walk,healthy eating,aerobics,weight lifting or whatever!" I will beat the mirror and so will you!!!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cakes,cookies,pies and chips!

You know...the hardest part about making good decisions with food for me seems to be moderation. I grew up with food all around me. Mom used to make good home cooked meals with buscuits,corn muffins,fried chicken etc. And we always had some type of dessert! A nice chocolate on chocolate cake or a pie or something sweet. I love chips as well. But on this path to better health i know that i have the power to exercise some better choices with the things i eat. It's not that i eat a lot,its more that i have a tendancy at times to eat the wrong things more frequently. Soo..thinking about what i eat and how it may derail what im trying to do helps me. We all get the screw it mentality at some point with eating right? If we didn't we wouldn't be over weight right? Or trying to lose those few extra pouunds to fit into that outfit. I have the power and so do YOU to make the choice TODAY that will help you get there. And don't get discouraged if you don't see a change right away. It took time for me to build this keg on my body and im sure it will take time to reach a six pack! Have fun today,enjoy your life and think about what's behind that snickers,honey bun or bag of chips. God bless!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How i did today.

It was a pretty good day for eating. Although i will admit i had an oatmeal cream pie for dessert today. Gohead....roll your eyes, but i did have a chicken burger and veggies for my lunch. It's a process folks and i already told ya i aint perfect!! Dinner consisted of a chicken salad which is one of my favorite healthier things to eat. I need to work on the dressing thing though. But its better than a big ol' burger,fries and a shake right???! One day at a time folks. And overall this was not a bad day. Oh yeah and i had water which is what we all need to drink more of. Mentally im getting better at making  food choices. Today was a good day! Tomorrow i run at home instead of the gym. Its supposed to be warmer so i will get up and hit the road and im looking forward to it. If you start today to make suttle changes you will see a difference. I promise you. If you don't run,walk. It doesn't matter what you do,just move! Peace!

Eating better.

Who can resist pancakes,eggs,sausage,grits and all the stuff that makes breakfast the bomb? I mean the kind that leaves you feeling like your 2 seconds away from a nap. My challenge has always been FOOD! I personally don't think i eat a lot but my problem has been what i eat. Soo in an effort to do better with eating i have decided to start journaling again. I will write down everything i eat for a week starting today. I figure if i think about it and then record it maybe i will make a better choice. My wife is always saying you can't outwork a bad diet and i believe it. I don't want God to take my cravings away. I just want to control my cravings so i can reach my goals. I mean i do work when i run and lift but i dont want to kill it all by eating a black and bleu burger from Buffalo Wild Wings. sure is good. Today i had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast and coffee. Yeah yeah yeah..sugar and cream were in it. Look! One thing at a time. afternoon snack was greek yogurt,banana and almonds. And of course water all day.

The fight is on! Stress,problems and people!

Wassup everyone? Today started off a little rough. I've committed to doing some form of activity everyday beit running,lifting weights or cycling. But this morning that bed felt sooo good. Frost on the cars outside and sleep in my eyes i rolled out anyway. I got a good run in and its amazing to me how good i feel after i run. I mean its almost like once i fought the thought of not going to the gym and got on the treadmill it was worth it. Now its not like that all the time,but i gotta tell you its like my oasis on that thing. Stress,problems and people disolve on that machine and in the gym. Today i will try to make better eating choices and stay focused with that. I guess that's the one thing ive learned about the mission. Approach each day with the attitude of conqueoring TODAY. Not tomorrow but right now. Let's go!!!