Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's a long race..pace yourself!

"Man get outta my parking spot!" LOL! As i rolled up to the gym this morning i realized that somebody had invaded my spot. I mean, don't they realise that's where Adolph parks every morning? The nerve of some people to just put their car where mine always is!! Ha!
Sometimes in life we can be sooo predictable as people. We are after all, creatures of habit. I thought to myself how everyday we rise its an opportunity for us all to kiss the sun,breathe in fresh air and live our life like it really is our last. Yeah..i mean none of us knows when our last day will be right? Sooo i thought how in my effort to do this that and the other i need to really pace myself. Take time to enjoy the things that many of us take for granted. Like air, trees, birds, kids who don't give you drama(or at least a lot of drama),a job, place to live, and food to eat. I think it's right to set goals and work towards them, we should. But im trying to not let myself go so far ahead in the race that i forget about the most important things in life. This morning the gym was full! Really? Im like..yall are here at 4am? I thought i and 2 other people were the only ones that did! But No...there are many people who have lives and they are running their own race. It's all good too. You and i have to learn to not take ourselves soo seriously in this life and run the race that is set before us. The Apostle Paul said it soo plainly. "The race is not given to the swift,nor the battle to the strong. But to him that endureth til the end." See this life is really about endurance. Anybody can try to be healthy for a week. But the true test is when you STICK and STAY! Come on yall let's keep at this for a life time. Let yourself,your family and peers know it's not just a fad! This is how we doit! (In my Montel Jordan voice)..LOL! Take it easy, but don't you dare quit!!!! Do you hear me?? Am i clear?? I aint going nowhere!!!!!!! Neither are you! One day at a time!! Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Turnt up!

Hahaha! This post is dedicated to all my people in the struggle. You're out there grinding everyday. Whether at work,gym,dealing with your kids,spouse,family issues,crazy jobs and illnesses. Today i celebrate you for pushing even when you really don't think you are. It encourages me when i talk with people who have similar issues or who have something far challenging than i do. Whining is actually normal and ok in my opinion as long as we don't stay there. Come on now don't trip! You know we ALL whine about something. I think it's somewhat healthy to do that, but after we do that it's time to turn it up. Have your pity party then put your pary favors away and turn it ALL the way up!
Oh yeahh!! Start thinking about how blessed you are! Start thinking about how you could be dead! Start thinking about the accident you survived! Start thinking about how you have a place to live! Start thinking about the family members that are still here with you, even though they get on your nerves! Come on now!! Turn it all the way up!! Let out that frustration with life by walking,running,reading a book, lifting some weights or anything besides eating your feelings!!! LOL!! See! We all go through crap and sometimes the crap is deep! Im not naive to think that everyday is rosey cause it's not, but im telling you, YOU ARE BLESSED! WE ARE BLESSED. We've been through some stuff but we are still here and aren't you glad??! Take it one day at a time and turn it up!! We bout to be famous yall!! LOL!! Let's go!!! Hahahaha! Waters up! Sodas down! Peace and Much Love!!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Momma said knock you out!!

What??!! Hahaha! Im an Ol' Skool rap head what can i say? LOL! But seriously when i got to the gym this morning i had this song playing over and over again in my head. LL sais a line at the very beginning of the song that sticks with me( to this day!!
"Don't call it a come back, ive been here for years!" I thought to myself while working out, that all of us have inside of us the stuff that we need to succeed at whatever it is we choose. It's no so much a come back as it is a "coming out" of type thing. See! Deep down inside i believe we have the tools to just BE. Yes we have to work hard, yes we face dissappointment and yes it's not always easy. But what amazes me is how the things that we thought would take us out or overthrow us haven't. We're still here and we still have things to do and missions to complete. Sometimes God allows things to come into our lives to pull out that "knock out." It doesn't always feel good either. Work, relationships,financial hardships,illnesses and so forth can't kill us but they sure can feel like it sometimes. But the thing is we always had within us what we needed not only to survive but thrive. It's just that the stimuli that God allows sucks!!! LOL! Oh yeah it does! Cars breaking down! People acting like idiots! Oh well!! Be your authentic self and knock those things out with positivity.
Last night i watched a little of the Heat and Cleveland game. Lebron and company had one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history!! Down by like 27 points i belive in the 3rd quarter they rallied and won the game!! Crazy! Incredible!! Fantastic!! But you know what??!! That's what champions do. Heres the thing though. Even if they hadn't won the beauty and thrill was in the fight!! That never say never attitude that this team has developed over 3 or 4  seasons!! And you know what?? We have it to! Ohh yes!!!! Yes!! We do!! As you move into your new job,business,body,house,car, relationship,and confidence. Don't call it a comeback!!! You've been here for years!! That new person really isnt that new. He or she just hadn't been revealed yet. Stay on your grind team! Be thankful and grateful! We all have only one life to live on planet earth. Enjoy it and embrace! Let's kick stress to the curb and just BE! Sodas down! Water up!! Peace and Love!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Push the envelope.

There are times when your mind can make issues and circumstances bigger than they really are. I've done it and i know you have. But im finding that the things we deem to be soo huge when compared to other people, really aren't that big. Now im not belittling what you may go through, but the deal is no matter what has happened or will happen it can't beat you. You know why? Because each day you wake up you've already pushed the envelope. Sure there will be challenges and things that we didn't know were coming our way. But then again that's part of life and nobody knows what a day may bring. Most days i give myself a pep talk to get going and do what i have to do. I try to tell myself that doing things that others won't do will get you the results that others have. Not just in working out, but in life period! Real talk. It's not easy to do things that you really don't want to do. As a matter of fact it can be down right tough and sometimes it sucks. Especially when your snug as a bug in a rug in your comfy cozy rutt!..LOL! Ohhhhhh but baby we gotta push the envelope! My pastor from wayyy back used to tell me, "Young it doesn't matter what people do to you they can't eat ya." Hahaha!! LOL! Hilarious to me but soooo true! It makes no difference what the opinion of other people may be about you. What matters is how we see ourselves and more importantly how God sees us!! Up underneath all that stress and self pity we carry is a GIANT! A sleeping giant who has the ABILITY to push the envelope and do what people say you can't. The beauty of all of this is, we have the rest of our lives to get it right! Let's start today! One foot in front of the other and don't stop...not even after you  get there. Because there always things to conqueor and places to go!! When your kids learned how to walk, about how many times did they fall before they got it? When you started riding a bike how many times did you fall before you got it? Get it? Sure you do!!! Sodas down! Water up!! Peace and Love!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The RUN!

Amazing! Just a short year ago i started running and attempting to live a healthier life. Well today marked the biggest run for me so far. I got there early to stretch and warm up a little and i was grateful there was no rain. That was until,! I stepped outside of the arena and cold rain drops were hitting me on the top of my head. Now i generally don't whine about running in the rain, but im like really?? This is my big race Lord...don't you know it would be more glorious if the weather was sunny and warm?? I mean come on! I've been working hard. Well...nevertheless it rained..and rained and rained a little more. I had to laugh at myself because you know?? That's just like God. You have your idea about what's perfect for you to be successful and then there is HIS way...yeah they're pretty different! Most of the time there is more glory in relying on Him through challenging conditions like a race than having everything really easy. Soooo!! we went. I was surprised at how good i felt. I mean i really felt good. All the training and running i'd be doing i could tell was really paying off. All the early morning workouts when i didn't feel like it. All the saying no to foods and drinks that i love. Oh yeah! and all the hills that i willingly challenged because even though i hate them i needed them. See..some things you don't want to do, actually are designed for future challenges or difficulties that you and i will surely incur. When you tackle them head on its preparing you for your destiny. When my buddy Kelvin and i stepped out into that rain it was either do or die. He said to me, "man i guess i'll just have to roll like i did when i was in the military." I thought to myself wow...What do you do in situations in life when you can't just say i aint doing this? Ya know? Like dealing with a bad job, relationship, kids,illness or whatever it is? We all have to keep on going no matter what. Life doesn't afford us the opportunity to just not RUN! Maaaaaaaan we gotta run! It's what we do! Anyway, as i ran the rain eventually stopped and i felt like a ROCK STAR!..Hahaha! You hear me?? I mean people clapping and yelling "Good job." Ohh yeah it was awesome. I was in my element and i was running my own race! I passed some people and believe me some people passed me. But it didn't matter!! I was in the RACE baby! There were hills and long stretches of them. I didn't know until after the race that this is one of the most challenging runs in the country! Really?? Wow! Even better. My goal was to run the whole thing and that's what i did!! My official time was 1:50:19.99 I feel good about that and im grateful, but im not satisfied. I'm a ROCK STAR on the move and i will get better one run at a time. See! You're a STAR in your own right you just have to get in the game and fight till the end. Find your niche whatever it is and get the band back together!! Next up! My first half marathon in April!! Lets Go!!!! Sodas down!! Water up!! Peace and Love

Friday, March 15, 2013

What do you believe about you?

Wow! It's hard to believe that about a year ago i started working on a vision i had for myself and i'm still working.  But, here i am. Accomplished,dissappointed,full of good days and bad days, happy i didn't eat a snickers and sad because i ate 2, appreciative for the new life,body and outlook, but still a little self conscious about walking past a mirror. But in all of these things i believe im more than a conqueror! You see i believe that any male or female on planet earth is filled with inconsistancies...if your honest. But the thing that separates people who keep it moving and those who don't is the ability to believe certain things about themselves. Believe you'll fight like hell to reach your goal! Believe that no matter what, you won't give up! Believe what God says about you and how He is your Biggest cheer leader! Believe your love ones NEED you to be here as long as the Lord allows. Believe that inspite of how you FEEL it doesn't reflect who you ARE! Some days i feel like ive done wonders for myself and i believe that. But the work of transformation is not just physical it's also mental. Hahaha! Somebody told me to stop wearing these big ol' clothes. But mentally you say, "well suppose i eat more doughnuts and twinkies,cupcakes and pies and stop running? Then what?" Nawww i better buy'em big cause you never know! Shutup!!!! I say!! Shut Up!! I believe i won't go back! I believe my mother would be proud! I believe i will see my grandkids man! I believe i was built for this moment,for this time, for this era! And you know what??? So were you!!!!! Writeand Right your own story man! Come on girl do your thing!! And just believe that you can do it and then the most crucial part of it all...EXECUTION! Yeah! Oh yeah!! After you stop talking about it. Be about it!!!
Tomorrow i run the longest race of my life and im nervous,excited,lil intimidated by all the skinny more experienced runners. But Mannnnnnnnn!!! Hmph!!! I Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall be encouraged and keep pressin! We on to something here!! Sodas down!!! All the way down!!! Water up!!!! Peace and Love!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Decisions Decisions!!

Well today was a beautiful day to be outside and just appreciate the life we have! I got a nice 10 mile run in and i felt better after this run than my previous runs. I can slowly tell that my stamina is building and im getting stronger as i fuel my body with food that is good for me but not always what i want. Speaking of eating what i! A crazy thing happened after i got showered and changed to get on with the rest of my day. I absoloutely love 7-Eleven coffee so i stopped there to get a in and im out. When all of a sudden out of nowhere a 2 for $1.00 glazed donut special was calling my name! I mean it was soo audible i think i can still hear it ringing in my ear as i stirred my coffee. I thought to myself..self! That sure would be delicious with this hot cup of french vanilla creamed java and did just run 10 miles!!! Hey!!! You deserve this! You work hard all the time!!! Eat the dang donut and don't make a big fricken deal about it! I must tell you the clerk was no help. Actually i think it was her fault. She tried to upsell me on it when i bought my coffee and said, "how bout 2 donuts for a buck?" "What happens at 7-Eleven stays at 7-Eleven" she! For about 5 seconds i stood motionless..waiting perhaps for somebody to rescue me from a decision that to most isn't a real crisis. But no...nobody said a word! Until that is, a gentlemen behind me had like a bushel of banans. He said he was on his way to a soccer tournament and his kids needed potassium during the game. The clerk mentions to him that the bananas like the donuts are 2 for a $1.00 as well. Hmmmm...let me ask you. What would you do??? hahahaha! What a decision!!!! Donuts or bananas..donuts or bananas??? How bout i get 1 donut and 1 banana??? LOL! Won't that like cancel it out??? I mean that wouldn't be soooo bad would it?? Well with much deliberation i got the 2 bananas. Hard?? Yes!!!!!! Did i want donuts?? Yes!!!! But i realized in that instance that ultimately im the one who has to make the tough decisions when nobody is around. It felt good to be in charge of that situation and to tell my self NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heres the point. In life, beit a donut,job,children,health or relationship. You and i have to excercise the power we have to make our own decisions. There is a strength that grows within us as we take control of our lives through the decisions that we make. Control what you can control and leave the rest to God. Nobody can make us do anything!! Now i aint sayin i'll never have a donut again in life, but today aint that day!!! Hahaha!! Sodas down!!! Water Up!! Peace and Love!!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

People need people!

People need people. It sounds so cliche' but it's sooo very true. Here in the mountains of Va. we have experienced our first real winter snow storm. It has left many of us without power. We have kids animals and the threat of losing some food if we don't get them back on soon. Yesterday thank God my home didn't lose power at all. There were some flickers, but it stayed on. I have several friends who are without as we speak and i can only hope that they come back on for them sooner than later.
As we shoveled our driveway yesterday my neighboor who has a snow blower came over and gave us a hand. It's amazing how a job that takes my sons and i about an hour and a half to do, is reduced to 45 minutes or less! Anyway, after we got done with our driveway we proceeded to help our other neighboors. Some of which had to work and really appreciated not coming home to more work. I witnessed how important it is to have good people in your life in that instance. And how it's soo true that people need people!! Oh can think you're an island all you want! But the truth is everybody NEEDS somebody. Soo to all my friends who are weathering the storm hang in there.
We all need each other especially when it comes to working out and doing things we many not feel like doing. Now i know you can't always wait on people to do things, but sometimes it's nice to have a little nudge to get going. Yesterday we went to the gym and got it in!! LOL! Call me crazy, but the mission is the same and we must do what is necessary to win!! Stay strong family and don't give up!! Retreat??? Never!!!!!!! Sodas down! Water up!! Peace and Love!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What you do or don't do today will affect your tomorrow.

A few days ago i was in a store and an older lady in front of me dropped a video she was buying. I saw she was having somewhat of a hard time bending over to get it so i said, "Mam i got it" and picked it up and handed it to her. No big deal. She was appreciative and said, "thank you son, i don't bend as easily as i used to." LOL. I said to her,"Mam i understand." She said,"No you don't and you won't until you're 80." Wow..In that brief moment i thought about how much this woman must have seen,endured and experienced in 80yrs. I thought to myself, ya know she's right. Some things in life you won't know just because you haven't lived long enough. I haven't seen enough,edured enough or experienced enough. As i approach my life in 2013 i realise there are many things i am learning about myself, but i have soo much more to learn. Every day is a journey for each of us and we owe to ourselves to live life to the fullest. I've adopted a saying for myself this year. "Change what you can change and leave the rest to God" When I know to do something it's best for me to goahead and do it and not procrastinate. Some things can be prevented if we just get busy and "do it." Don't wait to start an excercise or better lifestyle plan. Just do it! We all have a tendancy to wait for the perfect time to start a thing. When the reality is, there is no perfect time to do IT. The longer you and i wait for the PERFECT time the longer it takes for us to get to our destiny. The people who just "go for it" often go it alone. But these are also the people who have learned how to enjoy the journey before they get to the prize. Whatever you do this week guys and gals remember, today is all we have. Experience is gained through experiences. Embrace the good and the bad and keep it moving!!
Sodas down! Water up!! Peace and Love!!!