Wednesday, November 19, 2014

When you want to give up!

Ohh wow!! It's been so long since I've blogged I forgot the dang password to get in here!! Lol! Anyway, I wanted to just encourage those of you who may feel like waving the white flag. I'm not just talking about fitness either. I mean with all things that tire you, upset you, harass you, and all ways make you wanna cuss! And sometimes we do! Ha! But seriously since I last blogged I think I've run 2 Half Marathons and a Marathon! I'm soo proud of myself and I know my mom would be too.
But I have to tell you mam, sir. The most important thing I've learned about running is how to push through crap!! Ohh yeah!! You know about crap right??? I mean stuff just seems to come up at the most inopportune time in your life. While I was training for all my races there was always something!!! Going through a divorce, kids need this and that, cars breaking down, more month than I got money!! But still I ran. You know why?? Because wether I ran or not the issues would still be there until I dealt with them. I can't tell you how I felt crossing the finish line in Chicago after running 26.2 miles!!! Tears of joy man!! God in me did that!!!! I ran for my mom and dad!!What I've found for me is that running gives me clarity! It's like I can think better.. No lie yall. The problem may not go away and I may not have an immediate solotion. But I can feel like it won't absorb my entire being after a good run. Let me ask you? Do you have things happening RIGHT now that make you just want to give up??? Seems like everybody does at some point. What I can tell you is this. Better days are coming. You just have to keep on living, as my momma used to say. Even if things around you don't get better, you'll get better. Find a niche. Do what helps you stay focused and above all things trust God. He already knew that mess was headed your way and He has a plan to bring you out! Give up?? Quit??? Back in the day we used to say, " You done bumped your head!" Hahahahahahaaaa! Stay focused and if you can't beat that thing today? Outlive it baby!!!!
Sodas down!! Waters up!! Peace and Love!!!