Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It wasn't for you.

This morning i'm thinking about all the opportunities in life that i thought i had to have, but for some reason it didn't work out. Be it a job, friends, relationships, networks or whatever. It all comes down to what God allows. Obviously if it were for me then i'd have it right? I mean if you and i are Gods children striving to do the best we can everyday then He won't withhold any good thing from us right? So why do i stress about things i can't control? The same reason you do. It sucks!!! LMBO! Because from our vantage point the opportunity to get something is perfect. It's like you say to God,"Ummm i'm not sure if you're aware of this, but this is a good thing!" Hahaha! Anyway, your daddy doesn't always see it like that. As a matter of fact He hardly ever sees it like that! So what you and i have to do is take a chill pill and say ooook Pops! You obviously know better than I! And you know what? He really does. Think about how less stressed you and i would be if we really, i mean really just trusted the decisions that God makes concerning our future. Some stuff He says no to you should be glad He did! You have no clue what crazy stuff was waiting on you. Ohhh but your Daddy said naww! I don't want you in that mess! So chill!!!!I know right??? Can we just be ok with a No, a not now??? That is the question. Im learning gang. It's not all about what we want and when we want it. Daddy truly does know best. So with that, rest in His decisions. Hold up your end of the responsibility part and let Him do the rest. After all, all you can do is all you can do!
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Live your life unplugged.

You, a microphone and your life. Many of us have such a fantastic view of what our life should be like, but the reality is it may not quite be like we want it to be. Sometimes it's easier to project an image that says,"I have it all together", rather than, "I'm struggling." For me it seems like the older i get the more i could care less about trying to be someone other than Adolph. Maaaaan i like me! Silly sometimes, indecisive sometimes, crazy sometimes, unsure sometimes, wanna eat cookies all day! But i really think i like me. I think we all have to get to the place where we just live our lives unplugged. Look! I like you but im not looking for an approval from you. I'm painting a picture on the canvas of my life everyday and singing songs in my own key without auto tune. I love running and love being free to be me. God is good and He keeps getting better as i learn how to just let go and be me. One thing i'm learning is that to truly be yourself requires strength! Ohhh My!! You didn't know?? Look at all the people you may offend by saying No to things you might ordinarily say Yes to. The point im making today is that true conviction says, "In spite of what you may think or believe i should be doing, God and i have a plan and i take my directives from Him." And don't get it twisted. I don't always listen to Him like i should. Because like any child i have a tendancy to go astray, but at the end of the day i realize i have to live my life unplugged and so do you!!! Do you want to experience real freedom?? Start doing what's in your heart to do. No synthesizer's, no falsetto and for goodness sakes kill that auto tune!!!! LOL!  Be you and do you!!!! Run, skip, jump and have fun!! Give God praise in everything and stay humble kids! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pushing your limits.

Exploring who you are as a person is a life long process. When i look back over my life at the many missed opportunities to do things that i felt i couldn't do it's a little disheartening. I do your really know what you are capable of doing or not doing unless you try? I have determined in my own life that if i don't succeed? You won't be able to say that Adolph didn't try!!!! Ohh yeah ima die trying!!!! Hmmm..sometimes i look at people who have soo much gusto for life and their attitude towards trying new things that it rubs off on me! I guess that's part of the reason why i started running. Maaaaan i wanted to try something different and be different at the same time. I have a good friend of mine(Lisa) who pushed her limits this weekend by running a 50K!!! Yeah i know right?? Is she crazy? Border line insane?? LOL! Nope! She pushed the limits of what she had before hand saw as a limitation and jumped over it!!!! Wow!!! I am soo encouraged by people who ask "Why?" It's as if they say, "Why can't it be done?" And if so? "Why can't it be done by me?" See! You can push your own limits everyday if you look at your life from the outside in for just a moment. Sometimes we all can play it too safe and never dare to do what we are afraid of. I've done it and so have you. Because a comfortable life is just that. A comfortable life. Bethany Rose did 12 miles this weekend. Adrienne Hamlyn did 4 miles in just under an hour. Folks! You can do anything you want to do in life if you just set yourself to do it. It doesn't happen over night but neither does building a house. It takes a plan, time and ultimately action!! This weekend i set out to do my 2nd Half Marathon and im sooo excited!!!!!!! Maaaaan im looking for that bling! But im not stopping there! Cause next year im running in somebody's full Marathon! Preferrably Chicago!! Today, ask yourself what can i do differently that i haven't done before? Spice up your life and push your limits! No regrets! Just memories of how awesome you did in spite of being scared. Ohh yeah! Now that's real! It's not like we aren't a little scared to go. But baby we got to go anyway!!!!! Life is vapor so let's get it in!!!!!!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Everybody at some point goes through changes. It's inevitable in life that we all will incur some sort of a change. Jobs, relationships, kids etc. etc. etc. The thing i'm finding is that whenever i take on the preparation for change it's a little less daunting. You know? It's like driving in northern! Everbody there has to accept the fact that there WILL be traffic and at some point you WILL be caught in it! As long as you can accept that it still will suck, but at least you're not blind sided by the interruption in your commute. I believe life is like that in regard to change. I mean..think about it. How much stress could you diminish or maybe even get rid of if you could just expect that some things will change in time? I'm not saying that we have to take on a pessimistic outlook on life, but i think that 100% of what i deal with is the unexpected twists and turns of life. And so with that i know that i need to do a better job of embracing change. Dang! Who likes change? I really don't!! Especially if what I'm doing is working already! What the heck???!! Ever been on your job and what you've been doing has been working fine, and then all of a sudden the boss wants to change a method that has been working FOREVER??!!!!...LOL! We are creatures of habit, this is true. So the older i get the more i realise that things are always changing. And the best way to handle it is not to fuss and fight about it and get all bent out of shape. But to just go with it as long as it doesn't threaten your core values. Life is filled with change and so it makes sense to me to just suck it up, no matter how much it sucks and do your thing. Actually when i think about it. What the heck are you going to do anyway? If this is the way it is, then this is the way it is. Whatever the situation is, ADAPT! It will save you some headache,heartache and sleepless nights. Life changes like the seasons my friends. Let's embrace the change and make the best of what it is!! Keep it moving and kick that stress out the door!!!!!!!!!  Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"Club 30" in full effect!!!!

Good morning crew!  Are you ready to get serious about dropping a few lb's?? No it's not an!! I mean have you been thinking?? "It sure would be nice to drop about 30lbs!" Well if you feel like your ready to tackle it today, lets all make that committment to GET IT OFF!!! Personally i know there are some things i need to tweek to meet my goal too. But the deal is this. Whether or not you reach your 30 it doesn't matter. What matters is that you put in the work mentally and physically to be better off than you were before. Oh did i tell you i had a Bioscreen the other day and all of my blood work as far as cholesterol,blood sugar and blood pressure was all great??!! Maaaaan!! Im on cloud 9 and a half! Adolph?? Me?? Fried chicken eatin,snicker bar snackin Adolph??! Yeah that dude!! I aint where i wanna be, but thank G.O.D. im not where i used to be!!!!!! Some of us may walk,run,zumba etc. But the bottom line is we all strive to get 30lbs off our frame! Challenge yourself to do more than you have been doing and at least you can say you feel better and a bit more accomplished. Let me tell you already have inside of you what it takes to get this done! You just have to start walking towards your goal. One day at a time. My friend Bethany Jones Rose always comes up with the catchiest! Haha! So i have to give her credit for this brilliant idea! "Club 30" in full effect! Eat a little less,move a little more and watch your pants get bigger! Can i tell you how awesome that is? Just think about how proud of yourself you'll be! No more excuses! We all have a million and 1 reasons why we can't But the real question is, Aren't you worth it??? Let's go team!! See ya at Club 30!!!!!!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turn your mind off!

Hey yo!! Let me ask you a question? Ever been in the bed trying to sleep and you can't turn your mind off? I know? You're trying to get some shut eye and your mind just won't seem to let you enjoy some quiet time? I have! So part of the reason i run is to turn my mind off. I like to have mindless time, or time where i think about nothing but the footsteps im taking and the joy i get from a good sweat. I want to encourage you today to do whatever it is you need to do to turn your mind off! See..your mind loves to imagine things that haven't even happened yet. It loves to fast forward in put you in positions or states of worry,frustration and confusion sometimes. AAAAhhhh but im reminded,(in my preachers voice) that God said..hah..don't take thought for the things of tomorrow hah..because they will take care of themselves..hah!..LOL! See you and i everyday, have to make a concious decision to turn off our mind and just go! Don't you know your mind is sooo powerful that if you excercise it you can tell it what your going to do. It takes practice, but it can be done. Today is Tuesday my friends, enjoy it!. Live like it's your last and try not to sweat anything! Not even the big stuff. Control what you can control and leave the rest to G.O.D!  Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Monday, August 19, 2013

You are blessed!

Good morning all! Today is the day that the Lord has made and we all should rejoice and be glad in it. While it's not always easy to look at the bright side of bad things, today i think we should all focus on how blessed we are. We may not have everything lined up just so. We may have issues and circumstances that leave us puzzled. We may be struggling in soo many different areas in our lives. But in all of that i declare that we are all still very blessed. Just take a look around at others who are doing a lot worse and are still pushing through. We too must do the same thing! Yesterday at church i heard a message that reinforced this truth. "Whatever you focus on becomes bigger!" So with that lets all try to focus on how fortunate we are in spite of all that's going on in our lives. Today was a much needed rest day for me. I did some crunches and pushups at home after i slept in a little longer and it felt good!!! Sometimes you need to reflect and im glad i did. Have a great day all and remember that you are blessed no matter what it looks or feels like! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I don't know!!!

Do you know people who know everything? Maybe you've had the pleasure of meeting people who have the answers to all of the questions you have. They seemingly offer up information on topics that you weren't even talking to them about! While i think it's good to employ the help of others who know more than you, a lot can be said about people who are humble in their own eyes, and those who flaunt what it is they "think" they know. SMH. The point i'd like to make today is that nobody knows everything. And when it comes to your life, health,spiritual well being and so forth, it is always good to find trustworthy reliable people who know more than you. Now the challenge here is to find someone who won't judge you because you don't know something, and at the same time be able to admit that you don't know something at the risk of  looking a little silly. You know we all have a certain amount of pride. But sometimes that barrier can give off  a vibe that pushes the help you really need away from you instead of to you. A good example of forgetting your pride and getting help is Coach Mike London(Head football coach at UVA). On his staff he's brought coach's who have all coached longer than himself and who have greater experiences within the coaching field than he does. Can you imagine the intimidation that can go along with that position? I mean you're the head coach and  you make the calls, but to bring people who know more than you is HUGE. But his pride took a back seat to help not only him but the team. I can remember when i first started working out i was in the gym doing some lifting and a guy comes in and tells me real politely that i can do a rep or set better if i did this. Im thinking, "who the heck is this dude?" "Man you don't know me!" LOL! But deep down i knew i didnt know what the heck i was doing! LMBO! I just had a desire to do better. Anyway, i took the guys advice and now im pretty sure i saved myself from hurting myself. Gang, it's alright if you don't know everything. Just be open to people who honestly and genuinely want to help you. God didn't say how the help would come. But He did promise that He would never leave us nor forsake us. Oh and let me add this. Sometimes the help comes from people you don't even like!!! Dang!! Yeah i know!! Even on your job. When you admit that you don't know something that's when i believe God steps in and says,"Now she or he is ready for my help." Be encouraged today! None of us knows everything. Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Work it!

Good morning everyone! In the shadows of a sometimes monotonous life there is satisfaction. What do i mean? Well, when you continue to grind it out everyday whether at the gym or at work, the fruit of your labor will eventually be seen. The hardest part of starting a thing is to continue a thing. I've said it before that it takes a while to form a habit. But if you keep at it, it just becomes a part of you. So with that i want to encourage everybody to just "Work it". Sometimes we all need a nudge, a push, a shove or smack to help us stay focused! Soo much stuff is trying to get you off your "A" game as my friend "Beenie" would say, but you HAVE to keep working it!! You gotta do it when you don't feel like it, you gotta do it when you have every reason not to. You have to do it because you're worth it. I'm in the gym the yesterday and a guy i've seen before comes in and says. "maaan are you in here like everyday?" I say, "well yeah man i love it here don't you?"..LOL! We laugh. He then says to me, "Man i can tell it's working for you, but im soo hit or miss with this. Hmmm..I empathise with him and say. "What if the doctor told you that you had to lose 100pds or you'd die in a year?" (Not that, that is what happened to me mind you). He looked at me and said, "I get it dude,that's wassup!" I told him like i tell most people who ask me how i do it?? "IT" is nothing just like you and you and you and you. I just made a decision to "WORK IT". Everybody has to come to terms with that moment in time when you say, "I don't care who don't do this!! I am!" And so with that ladies and gentlemen keep at it, keep grinding and keep the faith. Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Maintain your joy!

Morning all! What a nice weekend! And now as we approach the start of another week, we are faced with unknown challenges and some we left on Friday but have to see again today. But thank God for the ability to control what we do, and who we are. Today i realize that maintaining my joy belongs to me. It's really nobody else's responsibility but mine. Maaaaaaan!!! It's crazy how we sometimes let other people dictate how we feel based on how they feel. Aint that crazy??? I much power are we giving others who don't live our life or operate the way we do? Let me ask you a question? Have you ever had people come in with an attitude at work and just change the whole atmosphere in an instant??!! Ohh yeah! You know these people. The complainers, the grumblers, the pessimists, the nothing is ever right people! They have nothing positive to say most days and if you've had a bad experience they always want to "one up you" with something far worse! Here's my take on it. GET THE HECK AWAY FROM ME!!!!! LMBO! In the immortal words of Ms. Sweet Brown, "Aint nobody got time for that!" This joy i have i am going to maintain! I'm sorry if you have decided to be a stick in the mud for your entire existence upon planet earth. But Adolph only has one life to live. There is no more living on this side after this life. Soooo!!! Back up sit down and shut up!!!! Let's all make a decision to maintain our joy! Stuff happens and stuff will keep happening. But that's a part of life. As i ran today i thought to myself how blessed i am. What an inspiration so many people have been to me and i'd like to just reciprocate that to others. You and i can do anything!!!!! And maintaining our joy is one of those things. Its a practice and process, but we can do it. I guess that's why i come in as early as i do. I like to collect myself before the day gets started, meditate and get in my space. Ladies and gentlemen!! Let your joy be full today!! Think on how bad its not and how good it is! This joy you have, the world didn't give it and the world can't take it away!!! Ohh no!!!! Keep your head up through your trials. I'm trying to and it's not easy, but it's needful. No pity parties, just praise!!!!! Sodas down! Waters up!! Peace and Love!!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Step back.

Hey!!!!!! Goodmorning everyone! Today is a lesson in not taking yourself so serious all the time. There are times in my life when i have gotten soo upset about things that i cannot control. How many of you have been there? You know what im saying. Things that happen beyond your control have the tendancy to pull you in from your place of peace and get you all caught up in worry and frustration. Dang!!!! I hate that mess!!But heres the thing i am learning. Life throws punches its true, but you and i are in control of how we respond to stuff like that. I mean when you think about it...if you can't control a thing then why worry about it and turn it over, over and over again? Losing sleep, getting mad at your family, and taking stuff out on individuals who have nothing to do with what happened to you. So heres my answere. STEP BACK! I know it sucks when things don't go our way, but just think about all the things that could have happened!! Feel me? I mean sometimes we just don't understand why things happen to us when we are doing the best we can. But that is yet another opportunity to trust the God who made you and knows better than you what you need and when you need it. Im not saying its easy, but its needful. You see this is where trusting God is more than reading it in a book baby. Its walking it out in your own personal life and saying, "ok i don't understand all of this, but Lord i trust you." Ask Him to help you with your attitude. Because the truth is we all could use some adjustments. You know im right!!! Hahaha! I can get mad as hornet when stuff doesn't line up the way Adolph thinks it should. But then i remember that Daddy knows best! It's just that sometimes i feel like...What in the world are you doing God??? Get me out this mess!!
So today, take a minute and STEP BACK! Evaluate your life and get that spirit of thankfulness in you. You know? Like start thanking God for air to breathe,for your eyes, the fact that you didn't sleep outside last night. I mean any and everything you can think of. And watch God lift your burdens! Hold on gang!!!! Get out and move that body as an outlet! Theres nothing like a good sweat to help you feel good about yourself and accomplished!! Have a great one even in the face of Junk!
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace.much Peace and LOVE!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stop wishing!

Morning all! Deep breaths as we approach the end of another week. I must admit that when my feet hit the floor today i sat on the edge of the bed for like 3 minutes. Lol! I was thinking how good it would feel to just lay back down for a while. And you know what? Honestly i don't think i would have been a slacker had i done it, but i realize that nothing is ever accomplished by talking yourself out of your goal. I've come a long way from "wishing" i could be a better me to actually putting some things in motion. Soo with that i got up grabbed my stuff and jetted to the gym. You see...there are many people in this life who are "stuck" somewhere between "wishing" and "doing". I was there...some of you were there and the truth is sometimes we revisit there. But at the end of the day, nothing gets accomplished by simply wishing for it to happen. It takes our committment and focus each and every day to do what others won't do. Hmmph! You got people every day talking up a storm, but never do a dang thing! You know why i can say that? Because i was that guy. Ohh yeah! Wishing on a star! Man i wish i was in better shape. I wish i had a little more money(working on that). Man i wish, i wish, i wish!! Knock it off! Stop wishing and get busy! There are soo many people in this world with greater challenges in life than  many of us. So why wish when you can do??!! See! While you chill somebody is deciding to build. They made a decision to put excuses away and never chain themselves to them again. I know! It's tight but it's oooh soo right! Keep the faith and put into action a plan. But most of all stop wishing for things that you have the ability to do!
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Don't be skuuurd!

Morning all! It's another day that we haven't seen before and God is with us. Today as i hit the gym i couldn't help but think of all of the uncertainties in life that make me a little afraid. I think it's the "not knowing what the future holds" part that gets me sometimes. Yeah...i know you have to trust God and that He is with us through all of our struggles. BUT! Sometimes if i dwell on it too long it can be a little scary. You know about being scared right? It's that kinda scared you get when your in the house by yourself and you hear like every crack,creek and sound you've never heard before!! It's that feeling you get sometimes when you're walking alone in the dark and you just feel like just over your  should Jason or Freddy Kruger is tracking you down! I think when i have those momentary lapses of bravery it's a sign to me that i need God!!! Ohh Lord do i need God! I mean i honestly don't know how i could do anything without Him. He's the reason why i get up and workout when i don't feel like it, along with my moms memory. I think some fear is healthy actually, because it serves to remind us that no man or woman is an island. Life throws us curve balls on a daily basis and we have to trust God. It aint easy but Maaaaaaan we gotta do it!! I mean what other choice do we have??? Especially if what you're scard of is out of your hands? He holds the future and our lives in the palm of His hands. Weeping may endure for a night ,but joy comes in the morning!! Hahaha! See! We're getting braver already!!! When i read what He's said i get scronger and scronger!!..LMBO!!! God is good and doesn't matter what you and i think! He is in charge!!!!! Keep running,working out and Don't be skuuurd!!..well maybe a little is ok. But don't let fear take over your life!! It belongs to G.O.D.
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

The struggle is real, but keep doing you!

Good Monday morning everybody! Yes! Back to work, but thank God for work to go back to. This weekend i was given a refresher course in pushing through obstacles. Question?? Am i only 1 that is faced with more month than money at times? Hmm..Am i the only one who gets frustrated when you are doing the best you believe you can only to get hit with something else?? Well it's a retorical question because i know if everyone that reads this blog would be perfectly honest, we all do!! Friday morning i didnt run, and i basically used it as a rest day from that and just lifted weights. I actually contemplated not doing anything on Saturday, but i pushed myself anyway and ran my 10 miles. The day started off really nice! Mountain breeze and i was seriously feeling the music on my ipod as i took stride after! Nice start to the day. Then my Jeep breaks down and my son tells me his car is acting stupid!! Now if you've ever been in a position where you had more month than money you can feel me on this. I sure have! The point i simply want to make here is this. Before you start the day do some things for you. Pray,meditate, workout, whatever it is. Make some time for you. To energize your day, you need some reflection time. I truly believe my run helped me to not go off!! That and of course the power of God!!! The wheels on the bus go round and round once you get going. So make sure that you get what you need to fuel yourself for the day! Life isn't fair but it's our life none the less. The struggle is real, but keep doing you!! Sodas down, Waters up! Peace and Love!