Friday, May 31, 2013


I know! Say what??!! Knaidel?? What the heck is that? C'mon you know Knaidel? It's a dumpling you dummy!..LOL! Seriously..Knaidel was the word that won this 13yr old kid the National Spelling Bee. It turns out that this kid wants to be a physicist some day and im sure he's on the path to get there. As i watched this young buck belt out this word i noticed how cool and calm he was. After the competition he fielded a few questions and when asked if he was nervous he said," nahh, because i think it's good to maintain good composure." Wow! This coming from a 13yr old, who by the way had failed to hoist up a trophy in 3 previous yrs. Not only that but he's the first boy to win the Bee since 2008!..Let's hear it for the boys!!!! Anyway as i was looking at this kid at the gym i couldn't help but think about how interesting and different some of our lives would be if we had kept a laser focus early on in life? The truth is, life happens! We get sidelined, sidetracked, set back and all the rest. But imagine just for a moment if what you believed you could do, you could just do? I mean no matter how long it took you'd just keep at it knowing that one day im going to crack this thing! This kid had some failures in the past with words and he said the German word curse was finally broken!!. See! It doesn't matter how many times you mess up at your running routine or workout. What matters is that you keep at it despite the set backs. We all go through those seasons where everything just looks like crap! Hey! You just want to say to hell with all of this and eat a Quarter pounder with cheese,large fries and drink an icy coke! And you know what? If you do, it's still doesn't mean your quitter. It means you misspelled some stuff! But Knaidel is calling!!!! Oh yeah! See Knaidel represents your moment of truth! Where you wipe the blood from your mouth, stretch yourself one more time and use that gym membership you paid for!..Haha! oh yeah you already know! Sooo know this. Even with the best preparation we all slip and fall. But my God! You don't throw your fricken bike away because you can't ride it!! No! You hop back on and fall some more and some more and some more. Until finally nobody's holding the back of your seat and your rollin baby!!..LOL! Oh yeah you got it..gohead. Just don't look back, keep pedaling!!!!!! Have a great weekend guys and gals! Knaidel is calling!! Will you accept the challenge? Maintaining good composure is good!!!!!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You WILL get there!

Morning! Hope your well! Ok! Ok! Let me cut straight to the chase because this bares repeating!! Could you just for a minute stop comparing yourself to other people??? I mean you started your journey to a better you and sometimes all you can see is how far you haven't come. I mean you started working out like yesterday and you're expecting to lose 20 pounds in a day! Stop trippin!..LOL! Slow and steady wins the race. This is the kind of pep talk I've had to have with myself on a daily basis in the beginning of my journey. You see people who look like you want to look and inwardly your hating...ohh come on now! You know you're hatin' just a little! I've done it and so have you! Let's just be real. But folks you don't know the journey,the obstacles,the setbacks and crap that those people had to deal with to get where they are. Can i say this?? You WILL get there if you don't quit! Rome wasn't built in a day, but i tell ya it was burned down in less than that. Put that work in and get tunnel vision!!! What do i mean? Stop focusing on others who may have what you want, who seem to be making great strides and your a  little behind. The true challenge with your fitness goals is the ability to stick and stay! You know im right about it! In order for racing horses to be at their best they are trained with blinders on. Why? Because if they have their attention taken off of the course they don't perform to their optimum ability!  See! You and i have a tendency to focus on everybody and everything else but ourselves. Sooo! Put you're blinders on and keep grinding!  Tweak your diet and move something! Run,skip, jump! Do whatever you have to do to get there!! Just Do You for crying out loud! Can i tell you that you noticing your pants getting a little looser is worth it! Ha! You realising that climbing to the top of the stairs is less strenuous is worth it, people who notice that your dropping and making compliments is worth it! But more importantly, the feeling that you get from getting a nice sweat on and being proud of yourself for continually grinding away is WORTH IT!!! Sooo get it together! And don't focus on where you're not, but where you're going. YOU WILL GET THERE!!!! Sodas down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finding your why.

Afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Today is special because you're reading this post, which means that you have life and that's a good thing! Here lately i've had several people ask me how it is that i stay motivated to keep working out? How do you keep pushing yourself when you don't really feel like it?  Why do you do basically what you do? Well the answer for me is simple. I think that everybody has to find their own personal WHY for working out. You see, its a personal thing that only you can sense and know that works for you. For me its my mom and being tired enough of being fat that I actually set out to do something about it. Believe me!! This mess aint easy!! But i think ive finally figured out what separates the haves and the have nots. In any sport everybody is in shape for the most part. Everybody has a good skill set and everybody knows the playbook. The thing that creates winners comes down to grit!! Ohh yeah! See it's a dogfight when you know that your opponent has basically the same build as you and knows what to do. But do they have they EYE OF THE TIGER!! Hahahaha! Yeah! That Rocky thing that sais," You might be better than me, but you aint out workin me!" My why comes from a place of being so mad with myself that i got disgusted long enough to say, "You know what, do something about this mess!! My why comes from a mother who was strong as a Rock and had an Iron will! My why comes from all the summers spent covering up my body because of embarrassment! My Why comes from soo many who don't feel like they can do this, but deep down the really can!!! My why is for my health and well being! The life that God gave me! Nawwww man! I aint there yet! But im striving!!! I got my diamond in the back,sunroof top,diggin the scene with the gangsta lean wooo hooo hooo! LMBO! On my way to the new me!!! QUIT??!!! Maaaaaan you done bumped your head!!!! Let's go fam! Find your why and it'll be clearer to you that you don't have time to quit! Aint nobody got time for that!!! Sodas down,Waters up! Peace and Love!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And you thought you had it bad??!!

Oklahoma! Ground zero for one of the worse tornados to ever hit the U.S. Total and complete devistation on soooo many levels that the place looks like something from a movie set! Loved ones lost,dead,injured, some critically and yet i sit and drink coffee after a workout in the comfort of my office. Hmmm..this morning our hearts are saddened as we grieve with the many families that have had to go through such a horrific experience! I cannot even begin to imagine the feeling of losing absoloutely everything...SMH! It kind of reminds of the story of Job in scripture. Maannnn! He lost it all, but in spite of that he didn't curse God or listen to his wife when provoked to do so. He just kept STANDING! This post goes out to all the people who have been hit on all sides in life today. I'm not sure why i always feel the need to encourage people. It just seems to come natural to me. But anyway, if you and i can take a lickin' then baby we can keep on tickin! Life might take some THINGS from us but it can never take our spirit! Sure we get caught in the corner and on the ropes sometimes. But i hear the bell ringing! And it's back to our corners for some water and the cut man if needed, to get our eye straight!..LOL! Life is not easy but Oklahoma should remind us all how grateful we should be that 300mph winds didn't rip through our neighborhoods and destroy everything that we know! It's this kind of thing that should make us all live everyday to the fullest and try to practice not sweating soo much STUFF! Ohh know stuff?? It's these life annoyances i call them that always raise their ugly head getting in the way of our day. Cars breaking down, failed relatioships,illnesses and all the rest! Don't curse God and die! Just keep it moving. This is Wednesday and we thank God for it. Why? Because it's a day that we've never seen. So that's why i run like i do. That's why i can't stop! We can't stop! Today is a good day because you're in it and so am i! Hmmp! And you thought you had it bad???! Stop trippin and make it happen. Whatever it is make it happen! If one thing doesn't work try something else! Don't complain just keep trying! You know the story behind the cleaning product 409 right? The reason why it's called as such is because out of all the attempts to make the best product, 1 to 408 didn't work!..Wow!! Suppose the guy had just stopped and said screw it im done!!! Nawwww! He kept at! And guess what?? So must you!! Do your thing people and thank God for the life you have! Sodas down! Waters up! Prayers for Oklahoma!! Peace and Love!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Just bust a move!

Ok!....Ok!!!!! I know!! I know!!...hahaha!lol!!! I crack myself up! I hated that Young MC song then and i still don't like it! But for some strange reason i couldn't get it out of my head when i was in the gym this a.m. It kept ringing in my head while i was running even with my ipod on!  I thought about how many people in life have overcome soo much adversity in their personal and professional lives and i still have a tendency to whine about dumb stuff. You know?  Like i always say, somebody would gadly trade your problems for theirs. People everyday are pushing through things that would kill most people. Sooo as i ran i considered how blessed and fortunate i am to have life, and family. In spite of the many challenges that face all of us financially and physically we are still blessed. Today let's all take inventory of what we have left in us. Whatever you want in life you know nobody will just give it to you. Sure there are times when it looks like God just drops people and things right in your lap!! But more times than not it is the result of hard work, determination, grit and sweat! So toady is dedicated to all the people out there grinding who feel like they may be going backwards in life. No your not!! Just keep bustin a move! Move when you don't feel like moving. Stay with your workout regimen and DO NOT QUIT!! Im tellin you tellin you girl!! You gone be made at yourself if you do!! Why can i tell you that???!! Because i did it!! And have done it!! But every time i think i aint runnin!!!! Im tired! I worked all day or its too early!! Why am i doing this??? Well its because today is a gift! Each day is a gift from God!! And baby ima die trying!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh yeah let's move forward even when it doesn't look logical! That's the way you get it done! 2013!! The year of doing what we said we would do!!!! Have a great day and Just bust a move!!.LMBO! Boooooo!!..sorry! Sodas down!! Waters Up!! Peace and Love!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Power to prevail!

Goodmorning crew! Well it's another beautiful morning and i'm one year older now. God is good and great! In doing some reflection at the age of 43 i realise how blessed and fortunate i am to be here. In spite of everything that all of us have gone through we have been given the power to prevail. I love the illustration that Bishop T.D. Jakes uses concerning staying in the place that God designed for you. If your driving down the road you have to learn how to stay in your lane. Everybody has a specific path that they are on  and the speed and route that they take may not necessarily be yours. As a matter of fact it isn't. I can remember years ago wondering why is that there are things that others can do that i can't???..Ya know? It's like the kid who gets caught doing something crazy when everybody else seems to get away with it. LOL! Yeah..that's me. And all this time i realise that it is because my path is different and was different from theirs. The next time you complain about not being able to have or do what somebody else does or has, remember to stay in your lane. Mind your bidness and drive to your own destiny! LOL...Can i tell you that is the most liberating thing i have encountered in my life???!!!!!..Haahaa! Ohh yeah!!! See! If somebody else prevails and they obtain a level of wealth or fitness ore whatever i know now that we have the same Daddy! And it's just not my time yet! Ya heard?? Soo don't be jealous, don't get mad about it! Celebrate with them! I believe the bible says to rejoice with them that do rejoice. In other other words if i can say it in today's terms. Don't be a hater!! Be happy for people when they accomplish things and watch how your blessings will soon unfold. You have the power to prevail. I have the power to prevail. This life is all about living one day at a time in my humble estimation. It's a practice that i have to work at every freekin day because the world is like a roller coaster folks!! You can be up one day and down the next. But just remember you can do and be whatever you want. I've heard it said that you train people how to treat you. Do you baby!! Do you! If you want a new level of fitness, health, relationship,job or whatever the case may be, get ready to be tested!!!!! Hmp! You better recognize..everybody won't be happy for you. But know this!! You and i have the power to prevail!!!!!! Don't quit! Don't give in! Your're in your lane because it was made for you. How you get there depends entirely upon you paying attention to the signs along the way and staying focused in your pursuit! Have a great day! In spite of what it looks like! Sodas down! Waters up!! Peace and Love!

Monday, May 13, 2013

The door is open...just pull it.

Ohhh's you again??!!! Seriously my weekend was cut wayyyy short because of work. But you know im grateful for the OT..thank God! You know how the saying goes? "Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it?" Well i asked for some extra loot and God delivered..I'm just trying to get out of this groggy state. What better way to start the morning than with a run. Got to the gym and knocked out 5 miles to clear my head and just contemplate my next moves in life. Maaaaan sometimes i wonder why i didn't start running sooner? But then again there is a time to everything. Last while at work we ran across a student who was trying to enter a building to go to class. We watched him for about 2 minutes struggle with 1,000 keys to get into this building. Here's the thing though. We all know that the door is unlocked and never has been locked. Sooo all you have to do is pull on it. We laughed a little a bit...ok.ok..a whole lot!! Finally my coworker walked over and told him to just pull. As i sat in the truck watching their exchange i realised that we as people are a lot like that guy. Sometimes we can assume the worse,think the challenge is too great, or believe that there is a locked door when in all actuality all we have to do is pull it open. Wow..i thought about how much time i wasted thinking myself out of things because i just assumed it wont work out. When i have a challenge im learning to just try. Eliminate the obvious things when you face a brick wall and then build from there. Trouble shooting challenges for me should be just like that. Mechanics do it all the time, doctors do it all the time. I think when we have a problem the answer is often right under our nose so to speak. Stay calm when you're in trouble is lesson number one for me. That initial shock is a killer. But after you think it through and just chill then your mountain slowly dissolves into a mole Practice, practice and practice!Anyway, life is one big learning lesson and everyday is an opportunity to be better and get better at it. Don't assume the worse of things and situations i say..don't assume the worse of things and situations. Pessimism sucks! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

To kill a Mocking Bird.

Yesterday i learned something that i haven't really given much thought to that made a lot of sense as to how we sometimes approach life. While i was at work i noticed a bird that i'd seen before but had no clue what it was. I asked my coworker who is more of an outdoorsy,sportsman like guy what it was and he said it was a Mocking bird. He says yeah..this bird mimics other birds. Really?? Ok...i had idea. But when i thought about the name im like duhhh.."Mocking Bird." Hhaha! It makes sense now..LOL! So i go on to say, "So this bird can sound like other birds?" "Oh yeah", he said. Robin, Blue Jays,Swallows or whatever. They "mock" other birds. I thought for a moment how crazy it is that i have mocked other people trying to be like them. You know? Not really having my own identity and pattering myself after somebody else. I'm at a place in my life now where it's cool to be Adolph. I'm learning everyday not to seek the approval of other people for my life. And as i said in an earlier post im celebrating baby!!! Oh yeah! Im on my way to the real me. Ha! How many times have you noticed or caught yourself talking in the dialect of somebody that you're in the presence of? OMG! It's hilarious..I remember talking like a guy i met in college who was from Jamaica. Now you know goodness well im from Hampton,! No where close to the islands mon! LOL! My point is this. BE YOURSELF! Maybe you have arrived at the place called YOU and that's cool. But im a work in progress and im trying to Kill that Mocking Bird. What's the bird? Hmmmm...the bird is that voice in your head that says,"your not smart enough","your not good enough","you can't do this","if you were younger you could,but your not". "You need to look like this and act like that". Whatever! Listen! I think life for us is about finding your own voice in a world full of voices. It's ok to take bits a pieces from the lives of others to learn different things, but in the end i have my own voice and so do you. Confidence grows for me as i push limits in stretching myself physically through working out. It's like there is a carry over into my everyday life that starts within,to the gym and then to my world. Be encouraged everybody and Kill that Mocking Bird! You matter, and believe it or not people are mocking you. Hahaha! Aint that a trip? Yeah humans observing other humans and some of them think you're the best thing since sliced bread. LOL! Everybody needs to find their own voice. Learn from others but DO YOU! Sodas down!! Waters up!! Peace and Love!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrate where you're going!

Happy Monday everyone! Yeah i know Happy Monday..whatever!! The truth of the matter is though, somebody made plans today and they aren't here to see them through. But look at how God has blessed us all with another opportunity to be alive. It's wonderful and im grateful for that. Today was a lift day for me in the gym and i couldn't help but to reflect on where im going. Everything may not be in perfect order in my life, but i won't let it stop me from celebrating where im going. On my way to a new attitude about life. A whole lot less materialistic, more appreciative,less selfish,being in better shape, thankful to God for every little thing,thankful for air to breathe,sun and rain and all the rest! It's Monday but it's a celebration for me of where im going. I set some new goals for myself in my mind. In 2014 prayerfully i will run the Chicago Marathon!! Ohh yeah!!! Baby!!! LOL! I love me some Chi-Town!! Ever since i went there on a band trip in the 11th grade im sooooo in love with the city,the jazz and the culture there! Im also going to do the Father's day 4 miler in my area for the 2nd time this year! Oh and another Half Marathon in September! Celebrating your journey is important. You don't want to be mad at yourself all the dang time just because you're not where you want to be yet! At least that's what im telling myself today. Enjoy the flowers,the people, the challenges and appreciate the progress. I've come a long way but i know i have a long way to go. The beauty of it is, i have the rest of my life to get there and so do you! It's not who gets there the fastest, it's about endurance...yeah methodical and mundane. Grinding it out and thanking God for another chance to keep it moving! So today im celebrating because im on my way and so are you! Don't get down on yourself, just try to be better and embrace the life you've been given. Sodas down!! Waters up! Peace and love!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Planning and thinking ahead.

Good morning everybody! It's Friday and im glad to be back home!! I love going away on trips that are paid for, but honestly there is no place like your own bed. A coworker and I got stuck in Philly through no fault of our own, but we made it home safely and im glad. It had been a while since i had flown so it took me a minute to adjust to a small plane taking me 4,000 ft. up in the air with a bit of turbulence i might add!! A few things went through my mind on this trip. But they all seemed to come back to the same trane of thought. And that is PLAN AHEAD. As much as you possibly can it's important to have a plan so that at best you'll most things covered, even some emergencies. While away i knew there would be food..good food at the different venues i'd attend. So in my mind i couldn't fool myself into thinking that i wouldn't eat anything. I ate and it was great! But i knew my balance had to come from a continued workout. So i ran 5 miles everyday i was there and did some weight training as well. LIFESTYLE is what we practice right? Again planning ahead played a key role. You know? This stuff only works if you really want to stay focused. Anyway, when we got stuck in the airport in Philly having missed our flight planning courtesy of my mom helped big time..LOL! My mom was a big plan ahead type person. Even down to her funeral :-) Because my mother was a diabetic you could find a convenience store in her purse! She'd have crackers,yogurt, juice and whatever else she needed just in case she was out of the house with no food. So when we got stuck i remembered i had taken 2 bananas and crackers from the hotel. Hahaha! I had to laugh at myself when i thought of how many times i'd seen Shirley B reach in her purse for a snack!! Planning and thinking ahead won't relieve you of all of lifes surprises, but it sure does help to always consider your current and future position. If you and i want something bad enough? Beit working out, a better job or whatever it is. WE have to plan and think ahead. If we know something trips us up in working out or eating we have to plan and think ahead about how to best tackle it so that we can be successful. KEEP TRYING!!! I thought about the faith it takes to get on a dang plane and trust a crew of 3 people to get you in the air and safely put you down on the ground at your destination! Wow!! And we cant believe we can drop some stupid weight??! Come on now!! If you want to win you have to be the first one in and the last to leave so to speak! You got this ladies and gentlemen!! Happy Friday! Make a plan and think it through!!
Sodas down!! Waters up!! Peace and Love!!!!!!