Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Caught!! Busted!! I've been outed! I'm done!! Ok! Ok! Yall know i like cookies and pancakes right??? And Ummm..yall know i be gettin it in with the running right? Well on the real i've been living! Maaaaan i got a cookie addiction and so i feel the need to go to confessional. Seems like because i run like a mad man i have somehow justified eating more cookies and pancakes than i should!!! Dangit!!! Is it may fault that they're good??? Don't judge me!!! I've come a long way right?? Uggghh! Ok! Ok! So what if i bought 2 packs of cookie dough! And the Mommas pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel is on deck at all times???!!! LMBO!!! HELP!!!!!!! I aint perfect, but i know i've gotta get this last 30 to 40 pounds OFF MY FRAME!!!!! Wheewww! Ok i feel a little better. But seriously i have to do better. There's a  reason why i can't shake the last few! Duuhhh! I gotta make some changes. So starting today i have decided to scale it back a LOT! Now im not gonna quit but i am making a concious decision to CHILL!!!!! I know i can do it with the help of God almighty, but He's not going to do it for me. Sooooo with that i confess! It's confessional wednesday people and God is listening. Can i encourage some of you who struggle with food you like? Take it from me. My wife taught me that you can't outwork a bad diet!!!! She was right!! It does not matter how much you work out if you take in more calories than you burn! Soo today is the day. Ima chill! I promise! Pray for me when you go down on your knees tonight and i will do the same for you!!!! You can do it! Whatever it is! Start the roll back today. Steadily withdraw the troops of food that mean you NO good today!!! I know its worth it! I've seen the results and i want IT!!!!! Let's go gang! I confess!!!! How about you??? Cookies down a little! Pancakes down a little! Sodas Down! Waters up!!!!! Peace and Love!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Get back up.

This post is dedicated to the people who fell off the wagon, are pushing the wagon, thinking about getting off the wagon, and who fell off the wagon this weekend. LOL! Can i tell you that everybody falls off the wagon?? Oh yeah!I had more cookies than i probably should have. OH WELL! Mind Your Business!!! LOL! The wagon is synonomous with life itself. It is said that you don't learn much about yourself when you're flying high. It's in the times of your life when you fall down. When you're out of sorts. When you're at your wits end and don't know if you can make it one more round. Yeah..those are the times when your mental is tested and YOU have to decided whether or not you're worth it. Well! You are worth it! I'm worth it. It doesn't matter that you fell off the wagon. It matters that you get up. That you look the battle you lost squarely in the face and say," I know i messed up but by God i'm getting up!" I paid for those cookies in the gym today! Dang!!! I have more fight in me, i have a strong mind and im capable of over coming! As a matter of fact i am an over comer! So start fresh today gang. GET BACK UP! Oh you're still in the fight. You just need to stay at it! I need to stay at it! Rome wasn't built in a day and you know there had to be delays in building all that intricate art work. You are a canvas that is evolving day by day. We have ups, we have downs. Such is life, a friend told me. Sooo while your here on planet earth stay in the race and run your own race. Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

You're not invincible!

Good morning folks! Well thank God for this gorgeous day and the life that we have and in spite of everything going on in and around us, i'm glad to be alive!! Yesterday i had the opportunity to talk to a friend who's child had gotten into some trouble. Through some bad decisions his son made he got a DUI, and now is faced with all kinds of embarrassment, legal fees and soo many other hurdles! As we talked he shared with me how that the things we do when we are young seem soo cool..That is until your cool factor gets broken down. You know the cool factor right???! I thought about how that is soo true when your young and uninformed!!! Maaaaaan! I can remember thinking as a young teenager,"its the other guy, im too cool to get caught up." That is of course until i got caught drinking in public as a young teenager in the hood. I'm not trying to give grown folks a teaching on drinking here. LOL! The point im trying to make is that none of us is invincible. Especially when it comes to life. Hmmmp! You can be flying high today and think you got it going on and then WHAM!!!!!!!!!!! Something comes along that you didn't even consider because of a bad decision that you made. Deciding to do what you know to do is not always the easiest thing. At least not for me. I'm just being honest. Because sometimes what you know to do, isn't always what you want to do! I told my buddy how i wish i had listened a little more to older folks when i was a kid. But when your young and dumb you just KNOW your invincible!! Shucks! Even when your older and in your 40's you can think that! Can i tell you it's a fake life when you think stuff can't happen to you. It's not enough to be armed with information. You have to move from that vantage point to execution! Soo when i look around at soo many people who had it all and lost it all, i think how blessed and fortunate i am. You may not have a million dollars but you have your life! And that's worth more than all the money in the entire world. What you do with it is up to you! I think at the point that you realise your not invincible, that's when the world starts to open up to you. You begin to see things in a different light. My approach is always, " there but for the grace of God go I". It could have been me in that wreck with now survivors, or me with an ailment that has no cure and the list goes on and on and on!!! Invincible???!!..Not hardly! Life is precious!! And soo as i exercise the body, my mind gets the message as well. Take care of the treasure you've been  given, STAY HUMBLE,and trust and believe that NONE of us is invincible!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Turn the light on!

Good morning crew! Today is a good day no matter what anyone says or even what you think or feel. Do you know why? Because in spite of every challenge, you WILL see your way through it. That's what i tell myself. Listen! There are people everyday across this country and the world who have faced far greater struggles and they keep on truckin! So who am i to complain or even you for that matter? I got to the gym today and saw the eeriest thing. Normally when i roll up im usually the first one there.  The lights in building are on, the fan is going and i know its ok. But!!This morning when i pulled up all the lights were off! Maaaaan it was completely dark in there! I wasn't scared(i don't think) cause ima hell of a! But uuh thinkin. This doesn't look good. This place is 24 hours! Who in the world would turn off the lights?? Anyway, i go inside turn on the lights and kinda check the place out and all is well. I get my workout in and i can't help but think how in life i've had times where if there was something i was unsure of i just avoided it. I'm not saying i don't ever do that now, but i'm getting a little bit better at pushing through uncertainties in life. Feel me? You know sometimes the things that we are unsure of yield the greatest blessings. It takes a great deal of strength and fortitude to do what other people won't do. Im learning that. And on that note! Don't get mad when other people don't see things the way that you do! It probably wasn't meant for them to see it your way anyway. And besides that. Who made you in charge of how people see life anyway Adolph!..hahaha! LOL! That's what ive had to tell myself. I mean don't get it twisted! There was a time when i didn't see the importance of trying to take care of my body and all that. But one day i turned the light on. And every since then i've been learning how to push through some things that i might otherwise strink way from. Now i'm not saying im going to ride roller coasters, or bungie jump off the Sears Tower in Chicago! Cause im not real fond of! But what i am saying is this. Just because some things look challenging doesn't mean we shouldn't push against them and at least try! Oh yeah! I mean come on man, come on girl! You can at least try can't you?? I mean what harm is there in at least trying to do better? When i pulled up at the gym my mind started racing a little, just a little. I'm thinking...hmmm. I betcha theres a dude in there naked, and wrapped up in duct tape in the bathroom!..LOL! And im going to be the one to find this guy! Hahahaaaa! See! Sometimes things aren't as serious or as hard as we make them out to be and sometimes they are. But for real for real. All you have to do is turn on the light and get busy! Keep doing you yall! It's all good! And God is definitely good!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Be quiet and kill that noise!!!

Goodmorning! How are you? It seems that the days can be filled with soo much noise. Not just the noise from traffic, crying kids, loud machines and people, but the noise that can sometimes be inside of us. Let me ask you? Have you ever been at a place in your life where your mind just can't focus on one task at a time? I mean seriously!! It's like you lay down or you sit down and all you can think about is the next thing! I know that God has the ability to help us relax and focus when we make time to meditate and quiet the noise from the day. As i hit the gym this morning though i thought about how often i don't make time to just be quiet. You know? Sometimes you have to turn your brain off and just breathe in deeply and exhale the day out, the kids out, finances out, your problems out and trust the Master of the universe. Quieting your mind, i learned last weekend from a friend requires practice. It's something that you and i can't hold as just an option. It must be done on a daily basis. Yeah i know! You got responsibilities..and so do i. These bills,situations and circumstances won't get taken care of just by meditating Adolph! hahaha!!LMBO! That's what i tell myself. But the reality is, you and i need to be quiet to get the next move from God. See! When you're running around and never taking time to refuel your brain, eventually you run out of gas. I mean even vehicles can't run forever without some type of maintanence. What makes us think that we are any different??? Maaaaaaan kill that noise from the day and steal away for some you time. Hmmmph! You need to tell your people to leave you alone for bout 30 minutes and i'll get back to you! Right now i need to get centered because if im no good to me then i can't be good to you. As a matter of fact, do what i call a David Banner on 'em! You remember him right. He's the dude that you saw right before he became the Incredible Hulk. Tell'em "Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me when i'm angry!" LOL! So with that make some time for you, get quiet and kill that noise! You and i have work to do! We don't wan to to just be busy. We want to be effective! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Doing your part.

A wonderful vacation comes to and end for me. But I am grateful for the much needed time off and I am fortunate to have a job to go back to. Last night as I watched with America concerning the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case I was soo upset that I had to turn off the tv. Shock, disappointment and utter disbelief filled my mind and spirit. Regardless of how you feel about the case, the fact remains that an unarmed teenage boy is dead and the justice system in Florida has allowed the killer to go free! Free!...Free! or is he? At best he will live with the consequences of his actions everyday. And while I am hurt concerning the verdict, I feel a sense of overcoming that accompanies my many emotions. I think deep down inside I have found another "why" in my life to continue my journey to a better me. Without question my mother is #1 but now a young man by the name of Trayvon Martin inspires me to push the more to do what I have to do be a better me. Doing my part is embodied in the belief that even though man may kill the body...they can NEVER kill my spirit. There is a level of freedom that comes with being unafraid to die for what you believe. And as long as I hold fast to God and His promises I will never die. As I rise each day I am grateful for the life that I have been given, the opportunities before me and the obstacles i have been able to hurdle and put behind me. Life is precious, fragile and short. And so i run. To keep me focused, to help me get stronger mentally and physically. To Shut the naysayers up! To tap into the God given potential and ability that was given to me before i was formed in the womb of my mother. The bottom line is, we are all extremely powerful beings that must learn to not sell ourselves short with what God gave us. So what? If nobody supports you! So what? If i'ts never been done that way before! So what? If you don't have the resources! So what? If you're not as strong, smart, or as fast as others! They can't do what you do. Ohhh no! You got you on lock baby! And it doesn't matter what the opinions of others is. Doing your part to make this world a better place begins with you. Oh yeah! Taking a deep look within, clearing out all the voices of negativity and doubt, and pushing forward towards your dreams and goals like never before. Nothing ever gets done in our lives by just talking(ive learned that the hard way), after we talk we have to DO! Listen to those that are where you want to be, and speak after you have listened to all the information, before you form an opinion. I have learned the best way to reach people is to be honest with people about your story. Select what avenue would best suit your abilities to help this world be a better place and pursue it like God would have you to. As i run i learn more about myself and what i can do to contribute to this world being a better place. I hope you all do the same.
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Live,love and laugh!

What a wonderful weekend to enjoy family and friends! I hope that everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. I had a great time catching up with family and friends as well. It's a trip how you can stumble on nuggets of truth when you're not even looking for any. This weekend I had the opportunity to speak with a man who was for all practical purposes a "dead man." His heart was in such bad shape that he needed a transplant! But not even a year after the surgery he was at a cookout sharing his miraculous story with me!!! Wow!! He shared how he had God to thank for being alive and as I sat and listened to his wife chime in to correct him on dates like many women! I couldn't help but think how fortunate and abundantly blessed they were that both could experience such a testimony that would pull at the "heart" of most people. She watched him like a hawk with food selections and so forth. Why? Because when you're given another chance at life  you don't squander it!! It's crazy how the choices we make in life often don't change until something crazy happens to force us to change. Not that this gentlemen lived a foul life at all. But it made me think about my own life. With the death of my parents I feel like I too have another chance at life. Mom had diabetes and dad had a stroke. So in my mind, to give myself a fighting chance at living a long productive life I needed to change as well, before I was MADE to change. The reality though is this. Just because you work out and eat right doesn't necessarily mean you won't have health issues. But at least i'd like to give myself a fighting chance at avoiding health risks. While in Hampton this weekend I ran and I always get a little nostalgic when I go home. Everything there reminds me of my mom and dad, family and friends. But off I went this morning! Hot and humid is always the case in the summer time down there, but I had a blast. I started thinking as I ran how blessed I am to be alive, how loved I am by God, family and friends and how everyday i'm learning to not take myself so seriously and laugh at myself! LOL! Especially the fact that Adolph is running and nothing is chasing him!..LOL! To say that life is short is an understatement!! None of us knows when the end will be for us. The people on that plane in San Francisco didn't know! So until then let's live, love and laugh! Thank God often and stay humble. None of what we have belongs to us. We're just charged with being the best stewards of it while it's in our possession. Embrace each day and try not to think so far ahead! Yeah I know! But what about this and what about that???  Tomorrow hasn't even gotten here yet man!! The scriptures tell us it's filled with it's own set of challenges(tomorrow that is). So live in the present! LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH!!! Sodas down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Use whatcha got!

Thank God it's the day before the 4th of July! A much needed vacay is in order i am sooooo glad about it!!!I finally realised i'm addicted to the gym and the first step is!! Well today my thoughts are on how very blessed we are to have what we have. I'm thinking about a number from 1 to 10. Can you guess what it is??...7!!! Yes! At the top of the list is a 7. See 7 is God's number not a lucky number, but the sign of perfection that lives in you. In other words, you are perfect! Oh yeah! Perfect for the assignment that God has given you. You didn't know??? You better ask somebody!! See! Nobody can do what you do quite like you do what you do. Stop worrying about what you don't have! Stop wishing for what somebody else has! And for goodness sake stop being jealous and coveting what other people have! All im saying is we as a people have got to learn to USE WHAT WE HAVE! You've been given ability, you've been given strength, you've been given air to breath, and so on so forth. It's up to you how you divy up your time to accomplish what you're lifes work is. Try some new things. Stretch youreself in areas that you did'nt think possible and watch doors open up for you. Soo many times i've looked at my own life and said, "well yeah, i could do what they did if i just had wealthy people in my family". Or,"I guess i could do that too if i had all the time they have." Please! Talk to the hand! All that stuff i was talking was just a bunch of excuses! Soo! I tell myself to stop wishing and start doing! Ima use what i got and so should you! Maaaan i've met some of the most gifted and talented people ive ever seen in my life! I know a guy who can fix your car, and play every musical instrument!! I know some people who can sing till Heaven comes down! I know people who can close a deal quicker than Donald Trump! But we all have something that is unique to us and we should just USE IT! So today!
Don't complain! Don't Whine! Cause aint nobody listeing and nobody really cares! Hahaha! LOL! Just do the dang thang Adolph!!! Use what you got boy and go get it! It'll work if you work it!!!! Don't settle!!! You are a force to be reconned with! USE WHATCHA GOT BABYYYY!!!
Sodas Down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's your season!

Good morning all! And yet another day we have been blessed to see. Some with victories and some filled with disappointment's, but nevertheless it's our season. You know? I was thinking today how that many times we as people equate "your season" with a bunch of good things. Feel me? Like you got a great job,money in the bank, your relationships are all just stellar and basically all the planets align with you and your family, and all is!! But what about those times when it's really not like that? I mean does that mean it's not your season? Does it mean that somehow God is playing a joke on you and your enemies now have the opportunity to triumph over you? Hmmm....i don't think so. To me i think that your season is based solely on how you perceive it to be. I learned a while back that you can't change some situations, but you can change in some situations. In other words, just because things may not be going your way and you face all kinds of oposition, doesn't mean that your season has not come. It just means that you and i need to understand this particular season and gleen what we can from it and keep it moving. Oh yeah! I know about cars breaking down, having to make job changes, relationships on the rocks, more month than you got money. The struggle is real!! But in spite of all of that we press on towards the mark for the prize of the higher calling. See. I think when we have troubles here on planet earth it helps to remind us that all this stuff down here is temporary! I mean check it out. Even good times don't last always..smh! You didn't know?? Ha! But by the same token neither do troubles. They come in waves like water to the shores of life, BUT OHH MYYY!!! Thank God they recede like the tide! So embrace your season whatever it is. I know it's tough! God knows i do. But look for the nuggets that are in your season and the teaching tools that have been carefully laid out for you and i to learn from. 5 miles at the gym on the hamster wheel(treadmill), felt soo good this morning!! Don't mean that my struggles weren't there when i got off! But i ran through them and i know better is available!!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love fam!