Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bend but don't break!

Good morning folks! Well this sucks and i have to be honest. It looks like i have this plantar fascitis thing and it hurts! My dang heel feels like a million pins are stuck in it and it makes me too uncomfortable to run. Anyway, i find myself doing a lot more weight lifting which is cool. But i do miss running. I am determined though and this thing won't beat me!! I've been taking it easy unlike before. Oh! Oh! Don't get it twisted!! I WILL BE BOCK!!(In my Arnold voice) Lol! Against my better judgment i have run when i shouldn't have i will admit!! What??!! I'm a machine!!  OUCH! Ok! Ok! I will admit i can be stubborn, but i don't think ive ever missed running as much as i do right now!! UUGGH! Well i have decided that im not going to let myself get too down about it and not do nothing. So i've done some other things. Elyptical, stationary bike, weight lifting, planks and anything else to keep me going!!! In life we all have some setbacks ya know?? Things that we just don't anticipate happening to us, but they happen! happens! So the challenge becomes to push or don't push. I think im going to push. I have another Half Marathon in about 3 weeks and i want to be ready. We all have mess that comes out of the blue and just rocks our world sometimes. Some of us more than others. But we all have to keep at it in spite of it all. Life is soo crazy!! People try to break you. Your job may try to break you. Your health may try to break you. Your family may try to break you. But no matter what is thrown at us!! We bend, but dont break!!!! Be encouraged today in all that you do. The best way ive found to keep yourself motivated is to motivate someone else. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself and be self absorbed if you're trying to lift another person. Sodas Down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!

Monday, October 21, 2013

You still got this even when it don't look like it!

My college football team lost. My pro football team lost. My son's car broke down and my fricken heel hurts!!! LOL!! All of these things happened in the span of a weekend, but in spite of it all I am blessed. Now I realize in the grand scheme of't shut downs, terrorist attacks and kids turning up missing everyday that my little issues are just that, little! But I think its important to understand that in spite of it all "we roll." I will admit im not the sharpest pencil in the box and I can be hard headed as hell. I probably shouldn't have run yesterday, but it was soo nice that I just couldn't resist!!! The air was cool, the leaves were changing and the sun was shining! As I ran I felt soo much peace and joy at how fortunate I was to be alive and in the moment. I thought about how we approach life many times just looking for the next "thing". You know what I mean? You can get soo far into the future that you forget to embrace the now. I mean im not saying that we shouldn't make plans, but we can't live so far in the future that we forget how blessed we are today. Today I am blessed! Today I am alive! Today I choose to be happy! Today I have life! Today I have abundant life! Those kinds of affirmations are necessary to combat feelings of inadequacies and depression. I always say to myself and people who throw pitty parties this one thing. The next time you feel some type of way about your life and everything that's gone wrong you need to go visit your local hospital and walk through the ICU. Feel me? Look at the people who are doing more than you with less than you. Ohh yeah! That'll make you shut up quick. You see my friends. You still got this even when it doesn't look like it! It's just that you and I have to change our perspective and introspective so that we can fly regardless of stuff,..because well you know...stuff happens and im being!! As I ran i couldn't help but think how amazing God is in creation. I mean every leaf that i ran over and saw fall from the trees is different! Wait! Aint that crazy???!!! I mean think about that one time! EVERY LEAF THAT FALLS IS DIFFERENT!! How is that possible????!!!! LOL! Dang! It blows my mind to think that God made us all different with different abilities,gifts and yes challenges. But! in spite of that we still got this! Hang in there crew and don't give up! Ohh did i mention that in addition to all of my challenges i got to the gym this morning and my dang key fob wouldn't work the stupid door??!!!! Oh yeah!! Nobody could get in the place!! Dangit!!!! Soo i had to do some stuff at home instead. SMH!!! Oh well! I still got this! Ima go soak my foot!! LOL! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Right now!

Ever wonder why you waited sooo long to do something that you know you should have done a long time ago. Yeah yeah! I know! "There is a time for everything!" Look! Whatever! When you know in your mind there are things that you need to do, but don't do them because, "there is a time for everything" you're basically wasting time that you could be using to change. You know im right! It's just an excuse cause we don't wanna rock the boat. Sooo while you wait for the "right moment", you waste precious time doing the same things that you've always done. Why not start right now??!! I feel you. You know? I've been there and still am, but maaaaan we gotta do better. Look..aint nobody gettin any younger in life. When kids are born you blink, and the next thing you know their graduating. Soo..let me ask you? What's really stopping you from pushing forward and at least doing something different right now? If you think about it. Whatever it is that we allow to hold us back, is what WE allow to hold us back. What if it doesn't work out?? What if people ridicule me?? But what if you build mental and spiritual muscle in the process?? Everybody screws up! Welcome to the freekin club! LOL! I know i do! I aint perfect, but i bet you one thing! You'll never be able to say Adolph didn't try! Believe that!! I come to far! Gave up too many pepsi's and Hostess cupcakes sucker!! LOL! It is soo tough to take back your life when you've been doing the same things and people expect the same things from you. But today is a good day to start right now towards a new mind set, a fresh perspective and powerful future. Look at all the God given potential that the creator placed inside of you. We aren't here just to take up space, but to contribute to the greater good of life here on planet earth. The world is waiting on what you have and so am i! I'm always amazed at the stories of people from different backgrounds and races. Some people just have a desire to do something and just "do it". While others live in the land of coulda shoulda woulda! You know that place don't you??? Hmmp! I've lived there..moved in and thought i'd never move out! Got real comfy and cozy too! But ohhhhh! No! Ha! I feel me help here! LOL!! One day i got tired! Ha! I mean real tired! Ha! And i decided Adolph is gonna do something RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! LMBO! God made you awesome so live an awesome life! You can't control what people do, but you sure can control what you do! Today is a good day to do something RIGHT NOW!!
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Taking the next step.

When children start moving about it's interesting to observe how fast they pick up walking. Some tend to get the hang of it fairly quickly, while others are content with "scooting" across the floor dragging their little hips in a diaper. LOL!!! I can remember my oldest son "scooting" when were trying to teach him to walk. It was absoloutely hilarious to watch his little but sliding across the floor. Now that i look back on it. Wouldn't it be good if he could understand that he could get a lot further and exert a lot less energy, if he could just walk?...Hmmm. It makes me think about my own life. Sometimes I can "spin my wheels" as they say by not taking the next step in life. I and several of the friends i have sometimes struggle with procrastination. Ohh yeah! You know it dont you? Why put off today what you can put off tomorrow??..LMBO! Taking the next step in life is not always comfortable neither is it easy. But it sure is needful if we want to achieve a level of living that we've not experienced. Challenging yourself can be tough, especially when you've had enough outside challenges in life itself. But it is necessary to take the next step in our lives to be all that we were created to be. I've begun to learn things about myself on this journey that i never knew. I have fears, doubts, highs and lows. But such is life and all we have is the next step. So onward we push not knowing what the future holds, but ulitmately who holds the future. If God be for us who can be against us?? Well the truth is, there may be many people or things against us. But the only real threat to taking our next step is the 3 1/2 pounds of matter between our ears.  You and i own the next step. We create the next step with each decision that we make. No matter how it looks now, the next step carries us to a place that is better than the last. Do you believe it? Remember! As a man thinketh so is he. Let's all take the next step inspite of the unknown and accomplish things we never thought we could! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

Monday, October 7, 2013

I will!

Morning crew! Hope you had a decent weekend. Today is yet another day we haven't seen before. And if you're reading this post you have been granted the opportunity to live in today. This morning as i worked out i thought about how many times i've been afraid to make a committment to do a thing. Oh i've gotten better. But the truth is, once you put something out there you have openly decided that "you will". It's difficult within yourself sometimes to announce to the world that "you will". I mean what happens if you fall flat on your face? How will people look at you? What if it doesn't work out? What if you quit before the promise of what you believed would happen happens? These things all play around with your mental and swirl around inside your head like leaves caught up in the wind on a fall day. But the more i grow on my journey to a better me, the more i understand the power of just saying "I will". See. It takes guts to say " I will" in the face of your critics, friends and enemies. But the real battle is waged in between your ears. really is. Whenever you make a declaration to do a thing you can believe there will be challenges to your "I will." It's what adds glue to the mental house your building. I have decided that there are times when im really strong and there are times when im not so strong. But regardless of where i am in my life during those periods ,"I will". It makes no difference how i feel, "I will." If it's within your power to do a thing go ahead and do it. Sometimes doing things that we don't want to do or feel like doing builds more strength in us than we know. Tell your body and mind what you will do and then say to yourself, I will! Start today!  Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

That's right folks!! Happy New Year! Today is the beginning of a New Year!!! Drop the ball and pop the bubbly because it's time to begin again!...What?? You may say. Adolph it's not 1/1/14 yet! I know right??!! Lol! The point i'd like to make today is this. Happy New Year is whenever you decide to do something different. I've thought for the past few years about all the hype that surrounds resolution's and plans for the "New Year" that many times seem to fall flat somewhere around February. Today could very well be your "New Year" if you wanted it to be. I can remember when i ran one of my first races. It was on Thanksgiving of all days!!! I mean turkey,stuffing,pie,cakes and cookies and all that!!!! Some of my friends kept saying awww man why don't you just wait until the first of the year. Ya know?? Start fresh! But i knew deep down inside i had to start!!! Not wait until what i thought or everyone else thought would be the perfect time. See. While other people were preparing, i was executing. It didn't mean that i didn't eat good. But what it did mean was that my mind was already in the mode of changing and my body got a good kick start. Can i just say something??? Stop waiting on people for crying out loud!!!! You waiting on them to do this or that and you build your whole life on what they do or don't do! STOP IT!!!! DO YOU!!! Drop your own ball! Pop your own bubbly!! Start celebrating today the new you! Happy New Year is whenever you decide. And when the New Year does come in, you can say you're in execution mode!!!!! Let old acquaintances be forgotten! Say goodbye to the old you and embrace the new!!!!! Read more books. Learn more about you. Sodas Down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!