Monday, June 20, 2016

What Champions do!

And just like that, the Cleveland Cavaliers are World Champions! It can be argued that a call here, a suspension there could have changed the outcome of the 2016 NBA Finals. Steph Curry, Lebron James, Draymond Green and the other supporting cast members of both teams definitely put on a show for all their fans. But the thing that stands out the most to me, is the heart, the gut and the sheer determination of a man and his team to overcome insurmountable odds. Not only did Cleveland win, but they made history as well. To become the first team to come back and win a series after being down 3-1 is incredible!!! OMG!! I mean...who does that???
I believe that the win solidified Lebron James place in the talk about historic finishes, as well as being one of games greatest. Regardless of how you may feel about him, "the decision" drama, or whatever. He won! See when you talk about a champion, you're talking about a person who has developed a keen ability to drown out "noise." You know what noise is right? Noise can be characterized as people in your life like family, enemies and yeah sometimes even your friends. I have noticed in my 46 yrs on planet earth, that "noise" effects everyone.Depending upon how you and I handle that "noise", will determine what a champion will do. Just like Lebron and those Cavaliers we're all faced with choices everyday. Do we step up to the plate and keep swinging for the fences, or do we just settle because it's too hard? You see my friends. It's not that champions aren't affected by what people say or do to them. Oh no!!! It's just that they have decided what ever happens you won't see them throw in the towel! What do champions do?? They fight! And they keep on fighting! And they keep trying something else! And if that doesn't work, they try something else!!
You cannot keep a real champion down! Winning is won with the right mind set first, and then it's manifested. How are you thinking today? What's your approach to the life you're living currently? What do champions do? They keep coming man! They demand more of themselves than anyone else. They have decided to leave all out on the floor so to speak and so should you and I!!
Champions just do what has to be done, so there will never be a regret about their effort!!
Sodas Down!!! Waters up!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Compassion for all people.

There is without question, a great deal of pain, hurt, anger and frustration that encapsulates our world today. Political parties constantly fighting about who has the best solutions for this country. Starving, homeless, and destitute people cover the face of this planet we call earth that is shared by us all.
The events that took place early Sunday morning in a club in Orlando, Florida again remind us that the world in which we live in is not made of people who all love one another. From before 911 until now, there has always been a tone, an undercurrent of violence in the world has been reverberating around the globe. Politicians will say this is why we need more gun control, others will say this is why we need more armed citizens. Religious people will say God is judging the lifestyle of those who are homosexual. While others will say God is trying to draw people back to Himself, and he'll use any means necessary to get it done. Smh... But may I say this? Regardless as to what your opinion may be concerning any of the senseless acts of violence that occurred in Newyork, Sandy Hook, Africa or Orlando, one thing is true. We all clutch our loved ones just a little bit tighter. We all move with a cautiousness that maybe we didn't have previously. We all should love people just a little bit more, embrace a little more , encourage each other a little bit more, help each other a little bit more, and believe in a compassion that surrounds us all. It makes no difference what religious affiliation you are when a senseless act of violence is committed against innocent people. Who cares what your sexual orientation is when death comes knocking in the form a gunmen who sprays bullets in a club and kills 50 innocent people, and injuring countless others?? Let me ask you this? Would you stand in the place of judgement or compassion if it were your son, or daughter who was in that club? Would you feel judgement or compassion if a loved one was in that South Carolina church at Bible study and had been mowed down at the hands of a gunmen?
Compassion for all people should rise for such a time as this. If there was ever an opportunity to come together as a nation, as a people, as those who all bleed,  and have families it is now. We are humans who have a hard time getting along with each other in many areas of our lives. But this, should serve as yet another reminded that we are all affected in need of compassion. After all , people truly do need people! May we continue to aid by praying and doing whatever we can to support those who are suffering the loss of loved ones in Orlando.  Sodas down, Waters up!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Doing something new!

You may have heard it said that the first step is always the hardest. Anytime we attempt to do a "new thing" there is always some form of opposition. Have you ever decided that you were really going to go on a diet? You know?.... You were going to eat better, start exercising, drink more water and really really dial it in to a brand new you? You've listened to all the motivation, read all the books, seen other people get some awesome results,and now it's time to get started! You may have said I'm really gonna step my prayer life up, my dealings in my relationships, my attitude, my outlook on my life or whatever the case may be. That all sounds great! Except you didn't count on the car breaking down, the negative cashier, your kids getting on your last nerve, your boss acting crazy,or the fact that you're so tired you don't feel like doing anything!!!! Yeah.. I've been there, you have and so has the rest of the free world.
What I've come to realize is that all of us will be faced with obstacles when we attempt a new thing. Man it's like the entire world knows you are trying to do something that they aren't accustomed to, and they want to kill it before you take that first step!!! Here's my suggestion to you and it's worked for me several times. You ready!!??? Tell yourself to shut the hell up!! You think I'm playin?? Tell it to SHUT THE HELL UP!! See... Nobody can stop your forward press except you!! I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell myself, "We are going to do this!" It doesn't matter how it looks, how you feel or what "they" say. Who the hell is "they" anyway??!! They can't help you lose that gut, they can't stop you from building your business, they can't kill your career, your family or your peace!
You mam, sir can do a new thing whenever you decide its your time for the new thing!!! Oh and please don't think when you do this that everything will be great initially. OMG! The beginning always sucks! I'm just gone give it to you straight! You'll have to still run/workout with the gut! The people you thought would support you will still be nonsupportive. Your job may still be crazy and your friends and family too! But YOU CAN DO THE NEW THING IF YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN!!! Time will pass on anyway! Look! Get the ugly beginning out the way and get going. I'm not sugar coating it because it's hard, real hard. That's why most people quit on their dreams because it's hard!! But not you! You can decide today that you're going to begin!! Do it big for you first!! Then as a byproduct you'll affect the lives of those around you! The New Thing begins whenever you decide it does! Be easy! Sodas Down!! Waters Up!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Transition...the great precursor to more.

Who are ya? Where ya been? Where ya goin? Whatcha doin? Life for all of us is filled with so many questions. Some of which we are still,  as adults trying to figure out. Life after all is a journey. Have you ever had a plan and the damn thing didn't go as you planned? Smh... Have you ever had an idea that you thought would revoloutionize your life, only to be destroyed by the negative opinions of other people?? Hmmm.. I have. As I watched my son graduate yesterday I realized that his life is transitioning from Highschool to college. From being a kid to a young man. As I watched him walk with that cap and gown on. I thought about myself some 28 years ago in the same situation. Knowing everything and yet knowing What happens to you, in you, and what you allow to shape you in life has everything to do with who we are today. It's Sooo true that we can't change what has happened in the past. But we can, and will forever be in charge of , what we give ear to and believe about ourselves. For my son this transition phase can be a bit scary. I mean for years somebody else has been telling you what you need to do and have to do everyday. Now suddenly it's all on you in a sense. It's not that you won't have help, but you know what I mean. If anything is going to be accomplished in "your" life, it'll be because "you" made it happen. 
We are all moving from one situation, phase or circumstance in life to another. Maybe some illness has you sidelined. A loss of a job or spouse has you filled with many emotions.  A failed marriage or relationship with your child has you feeling a certain way as they say. Or maybe a business that you believe in didn't work out this time. Whatever the case may be, transition affords us all the opportunity to get more. This "more"may not always equate to material things, but it could. Honestly what I'm talking about has more to do with what you gain inwardly. To be rich in perspective, wisdom, gratitude, knowledge and understanding gives us the ability to rebuild our lives when we don't have much for a material standpoint to work with. 
Let me encourage you with this. You are good enough and smart enough to begin your transition. What you don't have right now, you'll get. But you won't get anything if you don't start moving now! 
So move in spite of what you fear or feel. Ain't nobody got time for dat!! Pow!!!!