Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Listen to your body.

I will admit i have a lot to learn in life. But when i started running i had no idea how much i needed to learn from my body. I my mind there has always been a thin line between something hurting and me just being a punk and not wanting to run. But what i have discovered is that listening to the things your body is saying will save you a lot of grief in the long run(pardon the pun). You see, we all have one body that we've been blessed with. Our temple is to be gaurded not just by refusing to smoke, drink in excess or any kind of abuse associated with drugs. But we also have to listen to things that are signs of injury. It's sort of like driving your car everyday. You know how you know your car sooo well that at the slightest difference in how it handles or sounds you immediately take notice of it? Well its the same way with our bodies. I used to think when my car made a noise....ehhh it'll go away or worse i'd just ignore it! Not a good idea!!! It's not funny when you're on the side of the road because that noise you heard was a hose leaking or a belt that was about to break!! Dang! It's all the more reason that I need to do a better job of listening to me. Everything from getting more rest, to taking rest days, to getting regular exams and paying attention to that pain in my foot. We have to LISTEN! I have a doctors appt to have some blood work done to check for any signs of prostate trouble or anything else. My doctor says this is what you need to do as you get older. At 43 i know i have to pay attention to the signs that my body is telling me. I'm not a freeking health food person nor do i claim to be. But with only one body and no more on the rack to change up with, iv'e gotta take care of it as best i can. A dear friend of mine told me to put the cookies down!! LMBO!!!! Hmmm..she sais you love them, but they don't love you! Aight!! Aight! I hear you! Hahaha! I wanna drop these last 30 and i can't do it by eating cookies errr week! Dang!!! I'm trying to do better. I'm just keepin it real as they say! Well...keepin it real for me should be really chillin on the cookies. Soo join me in doing a better job at listening to your body and doing what you have to do to keep your engine running smooth. Sodas Down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!!!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fresh wind.

Good morning all! Today is a celebration in newness. What do i mean? Well, simply that today is a brand new opportunity that has been given to us to take in all that God has given us. I hate to sound like a big ol' cliche'. But everyday really is a gift! I mean just look around you at all of the stuff that's off the chain in the world, in your city and even in your own life. And yet and still, you and i are able to take in another gift from God. I appreciate the life i've been given, but you know there are times that i complain about things that aren't a drop in the bucket compared to other people and their situations. I mean...I could have been in Tacloban when that crazy Typhoon came through!! Can you imagine being in the middle of the worst water disaster in HISTORY???!!! And yet we complain! SMDH! Naawww what im going through aint that serious. Yeah we all have issues, but there is always somebody who has it that much more bad off. Today i'm taking a deep breath. Filling my lungs with the fresh wind of the day and saying Lord i thank you! Indecisive, filled with insecurities, not the sharpest pencil in the box, not as cool as i wanna! But i'm me! I didn't get to run my race this weekend and Maaaaaaan did i have a mini pity party!! LMBO! I had to laugh at myself. It wasn't so bad until i heard my coworker talking about how good it was! You know what??!! SHUT UP!!!!!!! Don't nobody care what you ran!!...Hahahaha! Seriously its all goood. But ummmm i was a little jelly!!!..LOL! Anyway, im on the come back trail with this foot and i'm embracing the fresh wind of this Tuesday. Im not promised tomorrow...but baby i got TODAY!! And it feels really good!!! Hey!! And you embrace it too! Tomorrow aint even here yet! Stop trippin about what could be and work with what is!! Fresh Wind begins right now, right this second! Inhale deeply...feel that? That's God enlarging you and He loves you! Oh and another thing! Sometimes the simplest things can mean soo much. In talking with another fellow runner about my cookie addiction. She said something sooo profound! If you don't buy it you can't eat it!! Hahahaha! Dang! News Flash!! Im on it! Shout out to Lisa Swan-Smith!! Sodas Down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Momma i wanna sing!

Dagnabit!!!! &^%$#@@!!! I put away excuses like i do dirty underwear! I will admit i used to have a ton of them for not following through with things on a regular basis. And while i will admit i still have a long way to go, running is something that i NEVER back down from. I train hard, i run hard, i cuss myself out to get the fricken job done because i'm a MACHINE!!! Ya heard??!!! LMBO! But alas, on the advice of some good friends and people who love me im not going to run...SMDH! Yeah yeah yeah! I know! I know! What??!? Not you?? Mr. 4am errday killin it??! Yeah me! Don't get it twisted! If i choose to run the race on Saturday i have NO DOUBT i would finish it. But at what cost to my running future?? I aint tryna hurt myself any further. And even though my foot feels pretty good, i know i need to relax it and get better. I love bling! We have a relationship! I love feeling accomplished and successful. But maaaaaan i aint trippin. I want to run for a loooong time. So im chillin! Yep! Fat Boy runnin bout to sit this one out! I could cry!!! But Momman i wanna sing!! I can hear my mom in my head telling me to "sat down somewhere." LOL!!! Oh well! Can't stop! Won't stop! I feel like im turning into the Incredible Hulk with all this weight lifting,crunches and crap!
Man i just wanna run!! But i realize there is no need to be a hero. I've got nothing to prove to anybody or myself. Can i just pass something on to those of you who may feel like you don't have the ability to say NO to some things?? Just say No! It doesn't matter what people say,do or think! You have the power to just say NO! Don't put undo pressure on yourself by committing to things you know darn well you're not prepared to do. Mmmm hmmm..see! It makes you look crazy and all you do is stress your own self out by doing things you know you shouldn't. Yeah! I know you wanna sing! I know you want to do this or that. But some GOOD things are not always GOOD for you! Got that?? You can be doing a GOOD thing at the WRONG time! Don't make that mistake like i almost did because you want to be SuperMan or Wonder Woman. Put your cape away invisible jet,and your lasso and say no!!! Sing at home! Your Momma would be proud!!
Sodas Down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!

Monday, November 11, 2013


Good morning all! Today is a lesson in commitment to you. Why? Because there is only one you. The you that you see in the mirror everyday is expecting you to stay the course. I know..i know. It is hard to do what you know you need to do, when you really don't want to do what you need to do. I've been there and i know how it feels. I've had a relationship with saying screw this!! It's easier to just eat pie. It's easier to just say eeeeh what the hell??!! The gym will be there tomorrow. I'm not saying that you should never rest, but the reality is we all know a cop out for dipping out of a commitment to get your work out in before  we think it. It comes in sort of slyly you know? Well i do have this to do, and what about that, ohhh ohhh and i can't forget this!! "I mean what do you want me to do?" You say to yourself. Well... i say, if something crazy came up that forced us to forgo some things that we thought we had to do. All of a sudden those things would seem minimal. You are important and You are worth being committed to. You feel better, you're more confident, you learn to push through some things and shoot you look HOT!! Well! Aint that worth it??! Sure it is!! Whatever you and i do we CANNOT give up on ourselves! I know it's hard sometimes and I know you may not feel like it. But ohhhh!!!!! The grinding session has begun and summer time bodies, better health and strength are made in the winter. Get it in today and KEEP getting it in! Stay committed! It's through the roughest periods of our life that commitment seems to build character.
Sodas Down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Make it do what it do!

Good morning crew! Today is a day none of us has ever seen before. Let us all be grateful for the life we have and the time alotted to us. This weekend was wonderful! I didn't do anything especially exciting. But i did have a chance to take in the beauty of the day. I absoloutely LOVE the fall. The colors of the trees against the backdrop of a blue sky is simply awesome! I hit the gym Saturday morning feeling pretty good and decided to try and run a little on this foot. Turns out it wasn't bad..i felt pretty good. But i backed off after about 2 miles, just to give it a full healing process. I want to encourage all of you as well as myself to just DO!  I got a little bummed out about not being able to run for about 2 weeks now, but i have to thank the guy at the gym for giving me some tough love. Oh yeah! You remember this guy right? We'll just call him! He's the guy if you remember in some earlier posts that just tried to talk me to death up in there!! Dang!! Haha! Anyway i went in Saturday and of course he wanted to talk. Sooo i said what the heck! I told him about the stupid foot thing and his words to me were, "Man just do something else and don't worry about it!" "You'll get back at dude. You come in here all the time so chill and get on something else." Well...not earth shattering, but it served as a reminder to me. Just because things don't always go your way or my way. We have to "Make it do what it do". Aint no time for excuses and feeling sorry for yourself. It's enough of that mess going on around you, just don't let it get in you! So what if it what you're trying doesn't work this way. Try that way! This is Monday Make it do what it do day!!! Keep moving no matter what because victory belongs to you. I will admit my pity party was about to be in full effect Yo!..haha! I had streamers, hats and errthing! But alas i grind! You grind! We all gotta keep grinding!! Have a great day folks and "Be the Machine!" Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!