Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Enjoy the ride....just keep your keys!

Wassup yall??! I've been having a blast here in the NY. It's good to get away and learn some things for the job and relax. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. Having said that i realise that being away whether on a business trip,vacation, or whatever it's important for me to do my best to not break my routine. Oh yeah..see its easy to say when you're away oh well,"Hey your away,take a chill." "You don't really have to get up soo early to work out." "I mean seriously its ok." And you know it really would be ok. Seriously! But as for me and my rolls? We will continue to work! See! Im not there yet. Im not at liberty to take time off just because im away. I gotta stay on my grind personally, because ive come to far. Are you kidding? Maaaaaaaan im one doughnut away from going back! One Quarter pounder with cheese from doing the Moonwalk back to the days of old! Sooooo! I get up! It doesn't matter what others don't do. But i have to keep at it. Im on a mission to get to a place that im comfortable with. Im grateful for the progress,but im not there yet. See! You cant let the fact that your out of your routine keep you from doing what you know you have to do. If im away im thinking about where i can go to work out. Does the hotel have a decent fitness center? Can i find an Anytime Fitness Center in the area? What am i saying? Make it a part of your LIFESTYLE! Even when you are away. After all this is who i am. Not just what i do! Enjoy that ride, but keep your keys. I ate some good food and yall know i aint trippin. I like stuff that tastes good. But i know my body well enough to know i cant go crazy. So i hit the gym and stay at it. It's all about consistancy. No i didnt feel like it. But i know im not there mentally man. Shoot! If i had my way id have laid there and ate til my hearts content and rolled my eyes at the fricken! But ive come too far! You've come too far! Enjoy your ride while your away wherever and whatever you do. But keep those keys!!!!!! Sodas down!! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The experience!

13.1 miles!!!! The culmination of a God who has my back and a fight in my gut. My first Half Marathon Park to Park run is dedicated to the memory of my mother. I know that Shirley B. Young would be sooo proud of me! I couldn't help but think about this little woman with the heart of a! Momma would say,"Boy you aint got time to quit!"...and im proud to say i didn't.
This run was also dedicated to every pick up basketball game i didn't get picked for. Every fat joke that i've ever heard. Every voice in my head that said, "why the hell are you doing this?" LOL! Ohh i wanna thank you! Ohh yeah! See! It's because of you that i rise each day with a mission. A mission to do what some think is impossible. A mission to push the limits of my inner self mentally and physically. A mission to embrace each day like it's my last! A mission to live life on purpose like my mom did! This run meant a lot to me to complete and im soo grateful for the life, the breath in my body, the limbs i have and the mind that God gave me.
I want to encourage soo many others who struggle with working out or getting to a place where they are consistant in their efforts to be just a bit healthier. If i can do this??? So can you!!!!!!!!!!! What are you waiting for?? Make the decision to get it done!!! So what if you started and stopped???!!! Get your tail back up and try again! If you don't try theres no way you can win the battle inside of you. You know deep down inside what you need to do. Stop comparing yourself to other people and thinking,"Well im not as big as them, Or at least im not looking like this or that."  You know what? Stop trippin! And get on your own grind! Its your body and your life!
As i looked around at sooo many people there, i guess about 600 of us. Everybody was running for different reasons. Secretly you don't know what they were running for. Some just for personal bests,others for loved ones and still others for healthy reasons. FIND your reason and push yourself to go do it! Hills can't stop me! People can't stop me! Criticism can't stop me! ONLY I CAN STOP ME!!!!!! And guess what? Only YOU can STOP YOU! Sooooo make the decision today to have an experience of your own folks. Trust me! The feeling you will have afterwards will leave you feeling excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sodas down! Water up!! Peace and Love!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's more than just exercise.

Good morning all! Admittedly today should have been a rest day for me, from running that is. But going to the gym today i just couldn't resist not getting in a few miles,squats,kettle bells,abs and bench presses. I have a huge race on Saturday! The biggest one of my short running life! A Half Marathon with hills that would humble most prideful people. LOL! Today i understand that running is more than just getting in shape for me. It's the time i use to try and quiet my mind,feelings and emotions.'s the time i use to have a talk with myself and i can even talk back. Ohh?? So you don't find yourself doing that? Right! Ok! I know im not the only one who engages in a good conversation with yourself. You say "well I'm not sure why i did this, but next time i won't do that." Or you just rant and reason with yourself to prepare your mind for the day ahead. LMBO! I do it all the time people!! I think it's healthy and good for me and it's my place of rest in a way. There is nothing wrong with taking a day off, but today i felt like i needed the workout more than just for the sake of working out. Whatever you do in life that helps you focus and get centered is a good thing. For me I've found it in running. I love the feeling of challenging myself in the gym to be better. To be stronger,to be in tune with my body and my mind. I think the byproduct of all of that therapy is a body that I'm more happy with. I have found that when i don't necessarily focus on trying to get in shape so much, that before i know it I've listened to all my problems,danced to my music in my head,solved a crisis and got a nice sweat on that burned some calories!! All i'm saying is that exercise is more than just that. It's a time for you and I to reconnect with ourselves and stay healthy mentally as well as physically. Find your niche and do you!! After all. The mind is a terrible thing to waste! Ha! Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You make the call.

Good morning all! We've been blessed to see another day and for that we should all be grateful. The events of last weekend in Boston are a reminder to me that life is sooo fragile. I mean it literally can change in a second!! I read about the dance instructor who lost a foot and a leg i believe during the bombing. The spirit of a person can be broken in such a way that you are left with the choice to bitter or push through it. Maaaaaaaan i can't even imagine!!!! Honestly i don't know what i would do in a situation like that???? Sure i could sound all strong and say what i would do...Ohh just trust God! It'll be ok..God is with you. Well...while all of that is true. The process of healing and restoration is tough and stressful. Sure we know God will be with us, thats a given. But to walk through such a terrible thing when it's your leg,foot, or lost loved one is another. As i ran this morning i felt more determined to do what i have to do in accomplishing certain goals for myself. When i watched the images on the tv of this woman who taught dance and had a real love for it, i wept. How often do we take for granted the day that we have been given? I know i have. I get busy making plans to do this and that when if im not careful i can forget the most important things in life!! Running has taken on a whole new meaning for me after the events at the Boston Marathon. It's teaching me not only to push through some stuff, but man just be thankful for what you have and where you are right now! To live in the present is the best way to be for me. No man knows what a day may bring right? Have a great day folks and take the time today to reflect on just how blessed you really are! You might not have everything in order in your life. You may have problems that nobody really understands. You may be dealing with stuff that you can't even articulate. But know this. You are here! One day at a time !Whatever your pace today it's your pace. Nobody can write your story but you. Be encouraged and ignore the noise of the day! Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I don't see it!

This post is dedicated to all my people caught up in the struggle! You're out there trying to eat right and working out. Doing some activity consistently, but you may not being seeing the results you would like. While there may be many reasons for this, like what you eat,when you eat, how often you work out and so on. The biggest thing that has helped me is pressing through no matter what you don't see. What i'm saying is this. Regardless of what you don't see taking place in your body you gotta keep going hard no matter what. See! Your body or should i say my body in the beginning was sort of like,"Ok yeah, you working out huh? You trying to eat right huh? Well we'll see. Get back with me in a month, a week, a year!" Our bodies don't believe us!! That's why it's up to US to Tell our bodies what we will do! Don't matter what you don't feel like doing! Get it! Don't matter how you still got the bulge you're trying to get rid of! Get it! Don't matter if people say they can't see the 10lbs that you celebrate losing inwardly! Get it! All the time i spent waiting on the approval of people to say, "Maaaan Adolph you really losing!" It's ridiculous! LOL! So what if they don't notice. Inside of you stuff is changing believe it or not. You're will is changing. You're mind is changing. You're outlook on life is changing. You're turning into a fighter. A go getter if you will!
I remember during Pearl Harbor the movie. The line that sticks out to me was the Japanese Commander who said this after they had attacked our base. "I am afraid that we have awakened a sleeping GIANT!" Guess what? That's you and that's me. So push through the not seeing results thing. Your body is just trying to see how serious you are! After all, it did take a while for me to build this inner tube around my gut, and it's gonna take a minute to get it down!..LOL! Whatever! I aint going nowhere! Uh Uh!! I've come too far from Snickers,Pepsi and Popcorn every weekend! Let's go people and ignore the scale! Just be methodical. Every no you say to yourself in regards to food you don't need and every yes you say to physical activity, be it running,aerobics,walking or whatever, is a CHANGE! Just be consistent! After all that is the biggest victory. Tell yourself!!!!! If you're looking for QUIT,he aint over here!!!!! Sodas down! Water up!!! Peace and Love!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My bad! My fault! I got you! Like a basketball player who slaps his chest because he screwed up a perfect play, thats me. I admit it i did it! Not 1 not 2, but 3 slices of cake yesterday! Dangit!! Look! Yall know i'm not perfect. I told you that a long time ago. Besides! Who would leave pound cake,chocolate cake and white icing cake for anybody who wants to help themselves to some??? LMBO! Yesterday was a quick reminder of how easily i succomb to what i want, but don't really need. I don't eat that stuff everyday granted. But at that moment the table was calling me, proding me even. Come closer,closer,closer...good grief! The temptation was crazy!!!! Not a big deal to some. So what! Dude you had some cake! Well the thing is. This battle of the bulge and journey to healthier lifestyle is also about mental toughness. Ohh yeah! It's about developing the ability to tell yourself, your mind, your body what you're GOING to do. I'm in charge of how this is going to go down. However, we do fall down ,but baby we can get back up! When you screw up don't get all crazy and just throw the towel in the ring! You have one more round in you and so do i! When you mess up it's all a part of the process to teach us what exactly we did wrong. Go and grow. Each day is opportunity to learn more about ourselves and what makes us tick. It didn't help that yesterday i came in that room hungry. Oh! Did i mention that the cake was free?? Hahaha! See..that changes the complextion of the situation completely!! LOL! We like free! Don't you? Anyway, when you fall off the wagon run along side it and hop back on. I paid for my cake failure in the gym today!! 5 miles in 48 minutes and 13 seconds. I felt like a kid getting a wipping by his father and your hiding behind the couch tryin to shield yourself, hollering while you get beat down in syllables!!..LOL! Didnt..I eat..that....cake!!..Hahahaha! Yes sir! Yes sir!! Im good! Yall be good! The path to what you want is filled with setbacks, but just keep getting back up!!! Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Protect ya neck!

Ok! Ok! So you know how i mentioned earlier about trying to stand down and let your kids grow? Weeeeeell! I tried!! I really did!! LOL!! But the Daddy in me rose up and i had to come to the rescue of my son! I really needed this workout this morning because yesterday was sooo crazy! Granted i got a little hot headed with my sons bosses, but you WILL NOT take advantage of him just because he doesn't know that he doesn't have to take a bunch of crap!!! Needless to say he's moving on and so am i! Confidence! What is it? Confidence is knowing that inspite of your frailties you still have some PUSH inside you. No matter what it looks like you do your best and let GOD handle the rest! It's not being cocky it's being clear. It's a practice everyday for me and i believe my son has learned and is learning some valuable lessons about life and interacting with people. A good friend of mine says that you should do what you have to do now, so that you can do what you want to do later! Truer words could not have been spoken. When you know what you have to do you just do it. That means that you and i must take the intiative to do things that we may not feel like doing. Is it hard?? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes! I told my son that he should never assume that anybody outside of our house has his best interests in mind. You MUST take care of YOU! It's the same way with our bodies ya know? We are the responsible ones for what we do with what God gave us. Protect and take care of what God gave you. Family is forever! Teaching your kids to speak up for themselves is necessary in life as much as telling them when to hold it and fold it. Make the decision today to take care of yourself and watch your whole outlook on life change. Most us learn more by what we see a person do than by what a person says right? We all have made mistakes and we will make some more. But in the end we still keep pushing towards the prize being the best "you" we can be. Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Helping doesn't always help!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome day!! The day has been absoloutely wonderful weather wise and we all have life, and that is a blessing itself. Today i set out on my early morning run for the weekend. I really love the weekend runs because i don't have to worry about hurrying through it to get to work. I can just do my thing and chill and stay out there as long as i want!! It's great!! Everybody should have an outlet and running is mine. Anyway, i think i mentioned about my son getting a new gig in an earlier post and how he has been dealing with some challenges. I think for the first time since he turned 18 i feel a little helpless to help him. I have to preface this by saying i have a really good kid. He's a lot like me when i was his age and that's But some of it is not as "take charge" as i would like it to be. I told him today that when your young and working a job, a lot of times people will want to try you. Hell! People like to try you when you're an adult!
The more i ran, and thought about him and his job challenges, the more i got mad and wanted to HANDLE it myself!!! I mean i can tolerate many things...but when you mess with my kids im a different man! Sooo after i got back from my run i was all ready to go down to the job with him and get some things strait!!! Then i realised that he's not a baby anymore and he wants to be his own man..Wow! He really didn't want me to go but i was ready!! I mean, dude!! You're my son man! I hate to see people take advantage of you because you're young! I've been on that end and it aint fun!
Nevertheless i gave him some direction and advice on it and i'm trying to let him handle it.UUGGHH!! What do you do when helping doesn't always help???? It's a hard situation for a parent. I mean you want to come to their rescue like their 5 again!! Got a problem man? Im on it! But the boy is growing up and i gotta let him grow. In life i think we all have to realise that some of the best medicine for some people we love is not to help at all! Especially if they are prone to get in your pockets!..Ohh know the type! LOL! Those are the ones you hide from when your pushing your cart through WalMart and you conveniently duck down isle 7...HAHAHA! Anyway, all im saying is the hardest but most healthy thing for me to do as a parent is to let my kids live their life in such a way that im there as a father and a coach. My oldest and i have a relationship that's changing as he gets older. Im still his father with his back at all times, but im working hard as a coach to make sure he doesnt zig when he should've zagged. Feel me? You do the same with the people in your life. And yeah, you know who they are. Because sometimes helping doesn't always help. Be there but don't get in it! Sodas down!!!Water up!!! Peace and Love!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The good, the bad, the ugly and real ugly.

Good morning! With soo many things going on in our day to day lives we often forget the good that is in a morning. But as i've said before im grateful for my life and whatever level of peace i have today. As i ran this morning i thought about how inspite of days not going the way i had planned it's still all good. All you have to do is turn on the tv and we all should go into thankful mode! Staying connected to God is huge. I realise i can't depend on myself to figure out all of lifes challenges,(there are soo many). I must rely on HIM. When things in life get uncomfortable i hate it. No..i mean i hate it!!! Lord help me to respond in a positive way today, to negative people...smh. Ohh yeah. As you go through your own personal struggles in life that should be enough. But then when you have to deal with unreasonable people that's ugly. And if your getting hit from all sides with stuff, that's real ugly!! I kind of figured out that's one of the main reasons why i run. Im trying to spare other people seeing me GO OFF!!!!! Hey today is another day above ground and we all have some good and bad days...i sure do. But as you breathe in and exhale today just remember that somebody,somewhere has far greater challenges than you. As a matter of fact they'd trade places with you in a heart beat! It's funny watching your kids experience some realities of life when they enter the work place. My oldest just started a new job and to hear his frustration with the trainers is a teaching moment for him. Some days its all good and some days its a challenge, but in spite of all of that keep your mind on the money and the money on your mind! See!...thank God those people don't come home with you. Go in, do your thing,and come home. We can't control what people do, but We can control how We respond or recieve what WE do. Have a great day everybody and keep ya head up! This life was brought to you by God. Keep pushing we almost there!! Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

You're in the middle of the journey!

Hey crew! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend as it closes for most of us on Sunday afternoon. Today is sooo beautiful and really makes me feel grateful to be alive!! Anyway, yesterday i set out to run the path for the Half Marathon here in the mountains of Waynesboro,Va. and i had a blast! For those of you who may not know, a half marathon is 13.1 miles. As i parked my car at 7 something in the morning i realized that im in the middle of the journey to a better me. It's crazy because 2 years ago i wouldn't have dreamed of running anywhere!! LMBO! So i started out on the run and felt really good. By mile 6 im straight...shoot!! The sun is shining and the mountains are beautiful and im in my element. Just me, the road and my music on the IPOD. We chillin right?? Then there was a series of rolling hills....ohh boy..yeah the hills. Im thinking aight!! Here we go. Breathe easy and relax...not a problem. You got this! So im running and i realize...Dangit!! I missed a turn and now i have to run back to where i should have so i can be on!! OMG!!! Im a little upset to say the least. But off i go.You know life is a lot like that. When i make a mistake and get off course i need to remember that mistakes are a part of the journey. The middle of the journey is filled with pitfalls and disappointment's,but the decision is always simple. Quit and call for a ride,or press on anyway! LOL! Can i tell you i wanted to call for a ride! But then i thought. Before my ride could get to where i am i could have kept running and FINISHED the run! Sooo!! I kept on running and running and running. There were some flat places on the run that enabled me to recover long enough to get ready for the next series of hills. Again, life is a lot like that. Its seems you get through one thing and you get a little bit of a breather and then here comes something else. See...its all a part of the journey. You and i need to thank God for the periods of life that aren't CRAZY so we can push through the CRAZY stuff that surely comes. I'm running along and as i hit mile 9 I'm thinking I'm almost there!! Just 4.1 measly miles and i got it right? Well it was 4.1 more miles, but they weren't! HILL after HILL after dog gone hill i climbed. Short of breath, legs hurting, calf's tight,sweating like I'm in the Sahara dessert and i want to stop!!!!! But i just know if i keep running i will see the park and I'm all done. That's how it is in the middle of the journey you and i are on. Sometimes you can take lightly the last part of a journey and get cocky. Not realising that nobody knows what the path ahead holds. Stay humble,be appreciative, thank God for everything and give Him all the credit and you'll get more power to PUSH! Some sports teams are like that ya know? Taking light the competition from a lesser team and then when they play them they realise that this team is HUNGRY and wants to win!!! You and i have to stay hungry in the middle of the journey,because it's there that champions are made. OOhh yeah! Champions are made!! They aren't born that way. They fail! They cry! They are filled with contradictions,but they KEEP FIGHTING!! So! In the middle of your journey remember you can do anything you believe you can! For real! Be encouraged and keep doing you! Sodas Down! Water up! Peace and Love!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Get that rest in!

Well we made it! It's another Friday and im grateful for that. All this week ive been deep in thought about many things. But one of the things i feel is relevant for me to take in is the importance of rest. I've been told i go hard all the time with such a long day every! Hey i can't help it! Some times i just get soo dialed in, and i know my body needs a break. I'd been reading many articles that suggest runners who rest usally run a long time during their life. Sooo! Here i go. Today i decided to chill. Take a breather and lay in bed another hour. I know my body needs it and im glad i did. In life i believe it's the same way. You can go so hard chasing dreams,health and success or even just trying to live everyday, that you forget about yourself. Man you need to take at least a day for you!! What?? Do you really think life will stop because you get off the ferris wheel for a day??? Shooot! I'm learning that i need to do a lot more of this. At least once a week i need to rejuvenate myself so i can continue to stay focused. Have a great weekend everyone and make sure you get that rest in!! We only have one life to live on this side!! But tomorrow you best believe im gettin that long run in!! hahaha! It must be done!! I was built for this!! LOL! Lets go!!!!!! Sodas down!! Water up! Peace and Love!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

Is it Friday yet??? That's the question that i hear at least 4 days a week. That is until of course it IS Friday!! Who doesn't like Friday? I mean unless you have to work on the weekend,work shift work or whatever. I've been there and done that too. But you know, yesterday brought home the importance of embracing everyday like it really is your last. I found out that a really good friend of mine had a heart attack. Yeah a freekin heart attack!!! I mean right in the middle of the middle of having a family, in the middle of challenges already on deck, here comes a dang heart attack!! As i went to the hospital to see him i couldn't help but think just how fragile life really is. You may have heard me say this before but truly, "Nobody knows what a day may bring." You know? You're just living your life and then all at once you can be in a tail spin not knowing how in the world you got where you are??? It spoke to me more than words can say because i love this guy like a brother! I mean he is my brother. We may not be blood,but we might as well be because we're that close. Anyway, my message to myself today is simply this. The hectic pace of life can be consuming. I'm a witness! You try to do this and that. Accomplish this or that. Making a living and working. Creating plans and so forth. When i must remember that the most important things in life are free!!! Your family,friends, and relationships. You know what?? When you and i leave this earth...somebody else will drive your car, live in your house, wear the clothes and shoes you wore and on and on. might not be Friday yet, but dang!!! I gotta live like it is today!! Sure i love the weekends,but suppose i don't make it there?? By the grace of God we will, but i have to live like im grateful for my next breath,because it could be my last! I'm glad to report that my boy is doing well. Stint in, one blockage and he is recovering nicely! Thank God! Is it Friday yet??....smh. Naw  but it's a fantastic Wednesday! I'm alive,your alive if your reading this, and we have another chance to live life to the fullest. Frail,strong, weak at times,challenged,full of good days and bad. We are in this together folks! Celebrate your life. Sodas down!! Water up! Peace and Love!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fine tuning your craft.

I hope everybody had a great Easter! On this first day of April we are truly blessed to see another day in spite of what we may have been through or are going through. This morning on my run in the gym i turned from ESPN and looked at an old movie from years ago. It was Total Recall with Arnold Schwartanager. Its a little difficult for me to read subtitles while nevertheless one line caught my attention. The villain in the movie is upset because one of his cronies let Arnold get away. Anyway, the guy says to the boss, "I thought i could catch him." The boss replies,"I don't give you enough information to think." thought. How many times have i NOT put forth the effort to gather enough information to think about being better at whatever it is im doing?? Now i realise there are some things that we are just not that interested in and that's fine. But the thing that really drives you, the thing that you feel you're really good at; that's the thing that you have to study up on to be your very best at. I have friend that runs with me and he was sharing with me about some books he's read that have helped him to be a better runner. I was soo intrigued to hear him talk about how much he has learned that it sparked in me a desire to be better at what i do. You and i have to gather enough information about what it is we aspire to do or be, for us to be at our best. At the end of the day we should all be able to say to ourselves, " I gave my best effort." We are not trying to please other people, but we are trying to be settled with what we bring to the gift that God gave us all. Fine tune your craft people. Everyday im learning more and more about myself. There are limitations that i didnt realise could be broken that i have broken. Ohh did i tell you i ran 13.1 miles on Saturday??? ...LMBO! Ohh yeah! Me! Adolph! The guy from downtown Hampton that likes Snickers,pepsi's and donuts! I'm that dude, being transformed into another dude that runs now,eats a lil better(but still loves pancakes) and is trying to change the course of his families health history. If you'r reading this you have been blessed with another opportunity to fine tune your craft! Nobody knows when their last breath will be right? So work til you can't work anymore my brothers and sisters! The night is coming quick for many. What memory do you want to leave about yourself? Fine tune and do you! Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!