Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bend but don't break!

Good morning folks! Well this sucks and i have to be honest. It looks like i have this plantar fascitis thing and it hurts! My dang heel feels like a million pins are stuck in it and it makes me too uncomfortable to run. Anyway, i find myself doing a lot more weight lifting which is cool. But i do miss running. I am determined though and this thing won't beat me!! I've been taking it easy unlike before. Oh! Oh! Don't get it twisted!! I WILL BE BOCK!!(In my Arnold voice) Lol! Against my better judgment i have run when i shouldn't have i will admit!! What??!! I'm a machine!!  OUCH! Ok! Ok! I will admit i can be stubborn, but i don't think ive ever missed running as much as i do right now!! UUGGH! Well i have decided that im not going to let myself get too down about it and not do nothing. So i've done some other things. Elyptical, stationary bike, weight lifting, planks and anything else to keep me going!!! In life we all have some setbacks ya know?? Things that we just don't anticipate happening to us, but they happen! happens! So the challenge becomes to push or don't push. I think im going to push. I have another Half Marathon in about 3 weeks and i want to be ready. We all have mess that comes out of the blue and just rocks our world sometimes. Some of us more than others. But we all have to keep at it in spite of it all. Life is soo crazy!! People try to break you. Your job may try to break you. Your health may try to break you. Your family may try to break you. But no matter what is thrown at us!! We bend, but dont break!!!! Be encouraged today in all that you do. The best way ive found to keep yourself motivated is to motivate someone else. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself and be self absorbed if you're trying to lift another person. Sodas Down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!

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  1. Lately I feel as though I am bending a lot. I can feel everything stretching and straining but II will not allow anything to snap- I won't allow anything to break. I am going to keep at it. Whether it is a heel or a person they can make us bend, but it is our choice to break. Thankful for the encouragement. I need it.