Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stop wishing!

Morning all! Deep breaths as we approach the end of another week. I must admit that when my feet hit the floor today i sat on the edge of the bed for like 3 minutes. Lol! I was thinking how good it would feel to just lay back down for a while. And you know what? Honestly i don't think i would have been a slacker had i done it, but i realize that nothing is ever accomplished by talking yourself out of your goal. I've come a long way from "wishing" i could be a better me to actually putting some things in motion. Soo with that i got up grabbed my stuff and jetted to the gym. You see...there are many people in this life who are "stuck" somewhere between "wishing" and "doing". I was there...some of you were there and the truth is sometimes we revisit there. But at the end of the day, nothing gets accomplished by simply wishing for it to happen. It takes our committment and focus each and every day to do what others won't do. Hmmph! You got people every day talking up a storm, but never do a dang thing! You know why i can say that? Because i was that guy. Ohh yeah! Wishing on a star! Man i wish i was in better shape. I wish i had a little more money(working on that). Man i wish, i wish, i wish!! Knock it off! Stop wishing and get busy! There are soo many people in this world with greater challenges in life than  many of us. So why wish when you can do??!! See! While you chill somebody is deciding to build. They made a decision to put excuses away and never chain themselves to them again. I know! It's tight but it's oooh soo right! Keep the faith and put into action a plan. But most of all stop wishing for things that you have the ability to do!
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!

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