Thursday, September 5, 2013


Morning all! Fall is definitely in the air and i am loving it! The cool brisk air is refreshing when you step outside and the slight chill in the air is perfect! Well i am about 4 days removed from my race and back to training for my next one. I gave my body a break to recover and now my sights are set on the next race. Im thinking about doing another Half Marathon in November and the cool temperatures would serve me well in this one. On Tuesday i noticed a little spot in my vision in the right eye. I haven't ever had any problems with my eyes so i got a little concerned. That night i went home and wiped my eye out thinking it's probably just some lent or something stuck in it. But it didn't go away!!! Soo.. now im still ok but my concern level jumps up a notch! You ever had your mind like fast forward to events that haven't even taken place???!! I do and i did! I'm thinking..Maaaan they gone have to remove my eye!...Suppose i go blind?? You know momma had trouble with her eyes because of diabetes?? Maaaan you might have glaucoma!!! Dang!!! Shut up!!!! LOL! I had to actually tell myself to sit down and shut it!!! Good grief!!! Long story short..they checked my eyes and no nothing! The doc sais i have whats called a floater. Never heard of it. But its not serious. Its just a dot that you see from time to time in your vision and there is no way to really fix it. He said he even has one. Soo i keep an eye on it for any change and go from there(Pardon the pun). I was thinking to myself how there are times in life when you can be flying hight after running your 2nd race and then BAM!! Something out of the freeking blue happens to try and kill your joy! See! This is why it's important to stay humble!! Dang! Life is full of ups and downs. Celebrate your victories but don't stay there. Challenges abound everyday to keep us dependent upon God almighty! It felt good to be back in the gym and doing what i do! Distractions? Yeah that's a given...but nothing can stop us but us baby!!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!

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