Wednesday, May 29, 2013

You WILL get there!

Morning! Hope your well! Ok! Ok! Let me cut straight to the chase because this bares repeating!! Could you just for a minute stop comparing yourself to other people??? I mean you started your journey to a better you and sometimes all you can see is how far you haven't come. I mean you started working out like yesterday and you're expecting to lose 20 pounds in a day! Stop trippin!..LOL! Slow and steady wins the race. This is the kind of pep talk I've had to have with myself on a daily basis in the beginning of my journey. You see people who look like you want to look and inwardly your hating...ohh come on now! You know you're hatin' just a little! I've done it and so have you! Let's just be real. But folks you don't know the journey,the obstacles,the setbacks and crap that those people had to deal with to get where they are. Can i say this?? You WILL get there if you don't quit! Rome wasn't built in a day, but i tell ya it was burned down in less than that. Put that work in and get tunnel vision!!! What do i mean? Stop focusing on others who may have what you want, who seem to be making great strides and your a  little behind. The true challenge with your fitness goals is the ability to stick and stay! You know im right about it! In order for racing horses to be at their best they are trained with blinders on. Why? Because if they have their attention taken off of the course they don't perform to their optimum ability!  See! You and i have a tendency to focus on everybody and everything else but ourselves. Sooo! Put you're blinders on and keep grinding!  Tweak your diet and move something! Run,skip, jump! Do whatever you have to do to get there!! Just Do You for crying out loud! Can i tell you that you noticing your pants getting a little looser is worth it! Ha! You realising that climbing to the top of the stairs is less strenuous is worth it, people who notice that your dropping and making compliments is worth it! But more importantly, the feeling that you get from getting a nice sweat on and being proud of yourself for continually grinding away is WORTH IT!!! Sooo get it together! And don't focus on where you're not, but where you're going. YOU WILL GET THERE!!!! Sodas down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!


  1. Great advice today! We r all guilty of comparing ourselves to others. Best advice I have been given, which is similar to your advice is: don't compare someone else's middle/ end to your beginning! U never really know what it took for them to get there..

  2. Amen NikiR! Those are words to live by. Have a great day!!