Friday, May 3, 2013

Planning and thinking ahead.

Good morning everybody! It's Friday and im glad to be back home!! I love going away on trips that are paid for, but honestly there is no place like your own bed. A coworker and I got stuck in Philly through no fault of our own, but we made it home safely and im glad. It had been a while since i had flown so it took me a minute to adjust to a small plane taking me 4,000 ft. up in the air with a bit of turbulence i might add!! A few things went through my mind on this trip. But they all seemed to come back to the same trane of thought. And that is PLAN AHEAD. As much as you possibly can it's important to have a plan so that at best you'll most things covered, even some emergencies. While away i knew there would be food..good food at the different venues i'd attend. So in my mind i couldn't fool myself into thinking that i wouldn't eat anything. I ate and it was great! But i knew my balance had to come from a continued workout. So i ran 5 miles everyday i was there and did some weight training as well. LIFESTYLE is what we practice right? Again planning ahead played a key role. You know? This stuff only works if you really want to stay focused. Anyway, when we got stuck in the airport in Philly having missed our flight planning courtesy of my mom helped big time..LOL! My mom was a big plan ahead type person. Even down to her funeral :-) Because my mother was a diabetic you could find a convenience store in her purse! She'd have crackers,yogurt, juice and whatever else she needed just in case she was out of the house with no food. So when we got stuck i remembered i had taken 2 bananas and crackers from the hotel. Hahaha! I had to laugh at myself when i thought of how many times i'd seen Shirley B reach in her purse for a snack!! Planning and thinking ahead won't relieve you of all of lifes surprises, but it sure does help to always consider your current and future position. If you and i want something bad enough? Beit working out, a better job or whatever it is. WE have to plan and think ahead. If we know something trips us up in working out or eating we have to plan and think ahead about how to best tackle it so that we can be successful. KEEP TRYING!!! I thought about the faith it takes to get on a dang plane and trust a crew of 3 people to get you in the air and safely put you down on the ground at your destination! Wow!! And we cant believe we can drop some stupid weight??! Come on now!! If you want to win you have to be the first one in and the last to leave so to speak! You got this ladies and gentlemen!! Happy Friday! Make a plan and think it through!!
Sodas down!! Waters up!! Peace and Love!!!!!!

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