Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Caught!! Busted!! I've been outed! I'm done!! Ok! Ok! Yall know i like cookies and pancakes right??? And Ummm..yall know i be gettin it in with the running right? Well on the real i've been living! Maaaaan i got a cookie addiction and so i feel the need to go to confessional. Seems like because i run like a mad man i have somehow justified eating more cookies and pancakes than i should!!! Dangit!!! Is it may fault that they're good??? Don't judge me!!! I've come a long way right?? Uggghh! Ok! Ok! So what if i bought 2 packs of cookie dough! And the Mommas pancake breakfast at Cracker Barrel is on deck at all times???!!! LMBO!!! HELP!!!!!!! I aint perfect, but i know i've gotta get this last 30 to 40 pounds OFF MY FRAME!!!!! Wheewww! Ok i feel a little better. But seriously i have to do better. There's a  reason why i can't shake the last few! Duuhhh! I gotta make some changes. So starting today i have decided to scale it back a LOT! Now im not gonna quit but i am making a concious decision to CHILL!!!!! I know i can do it with the help of God almighty, but He's not going to do it for me. Sooooo with that i confess! It's confessional wednesday people and God is listening. Can i encourage some of you who struggle with food you like? Take it from me. My wife taught me that you can't outwork a bad diet!!!! She was right!! It does not matter how much you work out if you take in more calories than you burn! Soo today is the day. Ima chill! I promise! Pray for me when you go down on your knees tonight and i will do the same for you!!!! You can do it! Whatever it is! Start the roll back today. Steadily withdraw the troops of food that mean you NO good today!!! I know its worth it! I've seen the results and i want IT!!!!! Let's go gang! I confess!!!! How about you??? Cookies down a little! Pancakes down a little! Sodas Down! Waters up!!!!! Peace and Love!!

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