Friday, June 7, 2013

Everybody's got a little light under the sun...under the sun..under the sun!

Heyyyyyyyyyyy! Wassup everybody?? Today is good day! I declare it to be so. I am super excited for my oldest son Joseph Young who will be graduating on tomorrow June 8th. I am soo proud of this kid and the young man he is becoming!  I'd like to also give a big shout out to myself for running 4 miles in 37:31 today!!! Woop Woop!!! I am training hard for the Father's Day 4miler and i just want to do better than i did last year when i started running. I think that time was around 47minutes. Not bad, but i'd like to get it down a little more. Anyway, yesterday as i was talking with some friends about how far we've come since we started running. We've had some ups and downs and so forth, but its all good. Today i'd like to share the importance of embracing your own flow. There are going to be people who are faster than you, more athletic than you, and more disciplined than you. I can remember when i ran this 4 miler last year. Im just trudging along when out of nowhere this guy that's in his 60's comes roaring by me!!...LOL! He was rolling and we ended up in a dogfight till the end!
I did beat him but that's not the! There have been other races though where people have passed me and i never see them again until the end of the freeking race!..haha! Oh yeah! Their on their 2nd banana and im still sucking wind on the race route. I think the races should be called personal races because really thats what they are! Aaaaand!! Everybody has somebody thats a little better than them. All it means is you have a higher bar to reach. I must admit though. When somebody passes you pushing somebody in a wheelchair it sucks!!!! I mean dang!! Am i that slow??? Oh well! Keep working and you'll get there! You want proof that everybody has a nemesis??
Here goes! Usain Bolt got beat!! Yeah Mr. Jamaica! Mr. One finger raised diagonally towards the heaven after every victory got beat! By who?? Who? Some dude named Justin Gatlin i believe from Pensacola,Florida. See! It doesn't matter who you are, we all have to keep grinding and we all have a person who on one random day is a little bit better than us. So listen up!! Everybody's got a little light under the sun! Find your light and bask in it! Move forward not backwards and enjoy your weekend!
Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!!!!

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