Thursday, June 20, 2013

It aint over yet!!!

Ok! Ok! Whether or not you like Lebron James or not,whether you think "the decision" was a bad decision,whether or not you think Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are too experienced to lose to the Heat in Game7 of the finals it doesn't matter!! The fact of the matter is we all at some point in time need to have a fire lit under us. Some people call it motivation or an "AH HA" type moment. I truly believe that's what happened to the Heat the other night. I didn't get to see the game because older people go to  bed! But when i talked to my kids they told me how the game went down through their eyes.  They said that Lebron and company during the closing minutes of the game saw not only the fans leaving the arena, but through the shadows of the tunnel they cold see the Championship trophy being wheeled down the aisle. Hmmm...yeah the trophy and a Banner that read something like the "Sanantonio Spurs NBA Champions"...Wow! My kids say that scene is what pushed the Heat to mount a come back that pretty much sums up the life of a person who refuses to surrender!!!!! I love it maaaaan!! To me i could care less who wins this game, but it is exciting and i love the messages that it gives to me as a person in everyday life. The message is this!! It aint over yet!! Nawwww!! The Fat lady might be warming up, but she aint singing yet!! Not on my watch! Can i just tell you mam, sir? You don't have time to throw in the towel! We all have ups and downs and that is what makes it a life. Everyday isn't Sunday yet! So while you wait for heaven do your best to push through what others say you can't. One thing im learning about myself is that for every dream there is a dream stealer. You and i have to learn to distance ourselves from the negativity and cling to the positive. Just because somebody else is having a bad day,refuses to be consistent with their workout, has a crazy bad attitude doesn't mean you have to succumb to it. Do you! And then Do you again! Life is Ferris real baby, but it's good if you can maintain your own flow. Ups,Downs, Highs and Lows. It doesn't matter if you win a race it matters that you went down  swinging for the fences!!
If i never win a race it's cool. My biggest challenge is Me and nobody can defeat you but you. Soo that lady in the wings with the big hair and ugly!! She might be running through scales and clearing her throat because she sees you about to cave in under the pressure. But tell her to back up off you!! You're about to get up and go ONE MORE ROUND!!!!!!!!!!!! Sodas Down! Waters Up!
Peace and Love!!!!!

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