Monday, June 17, 2013

You're worth the risk!

Good Monday morning everyone! Yeah i know it's Monday, but it's also another day that we haven't seen before. So while we're here we might as well live it. Today I'm proud to say i accomplished what my goal was on yesterday. I ran in a Father's Day 4 miler and i literally whipped the time i did it in on last year! Last year i think i did it in like 47 minutes and this year it was like 38 minutes!!!! Yayyyy me!!! Can i tell you mam, sir? That you are worth the risk? See, when you're getting up earlier, staying up a little later, trying to eat better in the face of your peers who may ridicule you, or think you won't stick with it. You have to tell yourself that you are worth the risk! I mean anytime you do something that some of your friends aren't doing you will always have people who will talk a bunch of smack!Hahaha! It comes with the territory. What iv'e learned to do is embrace all of that talking as a challenge. So yeah! Gohead! Eat your doughnut that's cool. I been there done that and i will have the occassional one. But maaaaaaaan im on a mission! And it doesn't include certain things anymore. My coworkers don't understand, sometimes your family doesn't understand, but you know deep down inside what you're standing for!! A brand new you! A you that's worth the talk behind the back. A you that's worth the, "What the heck is he trying to prove?" "He think he all that cause he running!" LMBO!!! You know what? It aint that i think im all that! It's YOU that thinks im all that! LOL!!!! I'm just doing me and i'm worth the risk. You know you only have One Life to Live as the World turns!!! So keep living your life because you're Bold and Beautiful!! Ok...Ok!..Thats was terrible! Ha! But you get the point right? You can do anything in life you want to do! You just have to be in some cases brave enough to go first!! How do you do that? Just do it! Oh yeah! Stop thinking about it and how it could be and how you don't have time and it's gone hurt and all that mess! Yeah it's gone hurt!!!! That's why don't many people do it! I'll tell you like the commercial sais, "The few, the proud, The Marines!" Not many can go through the training. But the few that do, are an elite group. So please know this mam,sir. You are worth the risk! You already know it's possible. Now you must execute! Take your lumps and keep it moving! As i ran yesterday i couldn't help but encourage some men that were running and had fallen behind. Then as my sons and i were leaving and riding in the car, we saw men who were still going. Some walking and some still running! SMH!!! I thought to myself and i told my kids. These guys probably have more heart than the dudes that finished in 21 minutes man!! Why?? Because they don't care if they're last! They care that they finish!!!! Whewwww!!!! Some people might laugh at them, but you know what? Let's just see if you have the guts and mental toughness to keep going when practically everybody else is done and the police cars are following you so that the flow of traffic can get back to normal!!!!!! Sheeesh! Mmmm Hmmmm! These guys believed that they were worth the risk of being laughed at and talked about. But maaaaaan i celebrate them! Keep pushing fam! The best is yet to come!! Sodas down! Waters up! Peace and Love!

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