Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keep the faith.

Morning everyone! Today has been brought to us by God and i am glad to be in it. When i think about how that life throws us all soo many curve balls it's important to remember to keep the faith. Any time you and i set out to do anything that is out of the norm it will come with a challenge. I mean you already have things that just come up out of the blue, but then there are challenges in keeping yourself on track when you dare to venture outside of your comfort zone. Oh yeah!! You know the comfort zone right?? You have your routine everyday. It's where you know right about the exact time you will do this or that. And you do it everyday with a vengence. Then when you attempt and set out to do something different life says," What the heck are you doing?" "You know we don't like change!"..LOL! "Whatcha changing for?" Well! Here it is. Nothing ever gets accomplished by doing the same thing over and over again. When i was in the gym today i thought about how when i first got started i had to fight my own flesh super hard to "keep the faith" when i wanted to quit! OMG! Did i want to quit??!! Yeah! Im like screw this crap! It aint workin. Look! I said, "Just face it you'll just be a big guy the rest of your life and its all good!..Hmmm..But the reality was i hated it!!!!! Maaaaaaaan i hated it like hell!!!! I wanted to be different! I wanted to be healthier! I wanted to look different! See! When you give yourself a pep down talk it's really a cop out for not wanting to do the work. Well atleast it was for me. So!!!!!!! I said enough with the excuses...I told myself, "Just keep the faith". It'll work if you work it! Keep the faith! Today is a good really is. In spite of all the challenges,headaches,setbacks and losses in one form or the other. It's a good day. Keep the faith fam and DO NOT QUIT!! In due time you and i will reap if we faint not! Sodas down!! Waters up! Peace and Love!!!!

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