Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Got Heart?

Every so often a story just moves me soo much that im in tears. This morning as i worked out was one of those moments. I always look at ESPN when im on the treadmill running and i heard the story of a kid who's heart literally stopped beating on the football field. The kid was dead! Had it not been for a nurse in the stands that knew cpr and other precautions to take this boy would have been gone. Anyway they showed how this kid had 2 options. Either have a bypass and never play again or have a riskier surgery that if successful would allow him to play ball. He opted for the latter. To see him cry when he met his team on the field in street clothes knowing it would be a while before he could suit up, moved me!!!! I cried! He battled back though and began training and made it back to the game he loved with a winning touchdown for his team. Heyward Demison was the kids name and he really did have HEART!! Now every story doesn't always have a happy ending in life. We all know that. But let me ask you. Do you know that nothing can beat you until you stop battling? I mean i think im starting to understand my responsibility is to keep fighting no matter the outcome. If i stay the same weight and never reach my goal i want to be known as a guy who had heart! If i never run a marathon or get a six pack. I wanna be known as a guy who had heart! Because in the end TODAY is all any of us really has. If life ended today what would people or rather what could YOU honestly say about your level of fight???? I'd like for part of my legacy to be that, "Man he came a long way and fought til the end!" Ask yourself. Got Heart? Sodas down! Waters Up! Peace and Love!

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