Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Staying focused long enough to win!

Following through has at times been a tough thing for me when it comes to excercise. I can remember when i started college my freshmen year at VCU in orientation. The counselor said, "take a look around because not everybody that starts here today will finish." He was right. And unfortunately i was one of those people. But as ive grown in life and taken a few classes over the years. Pursuing my education has always been something that ive always considered to be important. Just like with education,weight loss and being healthier takes a will,determination and a focus that will outlast distractions and stinkin thinkin. Who knows? Getting a degree may be the next thing i accomplish in life,but for now my focus is on my body. Maybe my list of things to check off will be that degree? I don't know? But i do know that in life whatever we do. We have to decide to stay focused long enough to win. You know what? You may not be as fast or as strong as the next person,but your focus should be soooo laser sharp that it oulasts the muscles or speed of others. They way i see it, anybody can quit!!! There are people all around the world who do that everyday!!!! Start and stop,start and stop!! Don't you get tired of starting and stopping?? I do! It gets on my nerves! Soo remember folks. You may not have a pep rally cheering you on at 4am telling you, you can do it! You may not have a friend call you up and ask you to meet them at the gym! No! But you do have to bring your focus with you as much as you can. A good friend of mine told me years ago when we were in business together that,"you have to be the machine."I think everyone has the ability to develop an iron will,but it starts with us making a decision to stay focused long enough to win! Yeah..even through the dumb scale that won't show the numbers we like! Even through the distractions of life and the people who don't believe you will. We have to stay focused long enough to win! Sodas down! Water up! Peace and Love!!

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