Friday, February 22, 2013

It aint worth it!

Happy Funky Friday people! Can i just say with all that i have going on in my life personally that it still aint worth me eating like a fool!!! Sure i could but im trying to chill! I'm starting to turn the corner with stress and transform it into gym time. Yeah! I figure if i can channel some stress into burning calories atleast i won't feel doubly bad about whatever im dealing with and i actually feel better after i run or go to the gym! Soo!!! one day at a time we roll on folks. Look how far you've come??!!! You can't give up now cause you got issues and you want a Cinnabon! Take a minute and think it through first. If you do eat something stupid you best be working it off!!!! Have a good weekend and remember excercise aint a fad for us! It's a LIFESTYLE baby!!!!
Come on now! Sodas down!! Water up!!! Peace and Love!!!!!

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