Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boom! Pow!!!!

Wassup team??!! I had one heck of a work out this morning! And no i did not want to get out of bed and  to head to the gym but i made it. See! When you push in spite of what you don't FEEL like doing you get satisfaction from it. least i do. You know all over the world people are still talking about how they're going to get it together this year. Mmmm hmmm...Man i'm going to work out just let me get the right shoes,or wait til i slow down at work ,or just wait til my schedule slows down,or wait til these kids don't have so many practices,plays and recitals,or whatever it is. Can i tell you something? It will ALWAYS be something! Kill that noise and go do it now! I mean really? Put that work in and do what people say you can't!!! I love that feeling! Dont you? Let's go! 2013! The year of doing what you said you were gonna do! Back in the day we had a saying,"Don't talk about it be about it!"..LOL!! Peace and Love!


  1. I heard somewhere that "Everything you will ever be, you are right now becoming." it's sobering but true. I guess that goes along with "Don't talk about it be about it." Make every decision count.