Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow and Ice=Eating

With the holidays and winter weather it can really add to putting on pounds. Who doesn't want a few bowls of chili,cheese and sourcream and some sweet cornbread? When you're at home just chillin out it is soo easy to eat everything in sight while you enjoy watching the snow or ice from the warmth of your couch or favorite chair. Today in the mountains they are calling for almost a foot of snow!! And wouldn't you know it? Like clockwork everybody fills the store to get milk,bread and! My only request was popcorn...microwave that is. I was told by my wife that that isn't necessary! Really?? Who doesn't like popcorn with a movie?!!! Let's all do our best to not completely lose it during the winter. I know its hard but at least try to snack on some stuff that's healthy and maybe do some reading,writing...or maybe even jump on your WII!!! Don't pack on what you took off during the lazy,cold days of winter. Stay focused! Peace and Love.

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