Saturday, January 12, 2013

They don't know you!!

Ok!...Ok! Can i say something?? Whenever you get your workout on please try not to compare yourself to other people!! This can quickly sabotage you menatally before you walk the first mile,run the first lap or eat the first salad. People who you allow to get in your head because they look the way you want to, have put in the work to get that way. It's a process that every one of us has to go through and it aint gonna be easy! I'd love to say that it is but we ALL know it's not! It's doing things that others won't do to be where you want to be. I remember when i first started running i'd see people slim and trim with their little water bottles and outfits lapping me. Honestly it would piss me off because im thinking...their probably saying,"Look at the fat guy trying to run." Now they may not have been paying any attention to me or maybe they did chuckle as they ran by?? I dont know?
But the issue wasn't really with them it was with me! Regardless of what outside opposition you think is there. They don't know you!!!!! Your focus is on you so do you to the fullest! When your tired and don't want to go to the gym Go! When you have every excuse in the world not to walk, Walk! When you say "im in a hurry i'll just hit McDonalds!" Instead of the Big Mac and fries...get a salad!!!!
Last thing i'd like to mention here. Who cares what others do or don't do? They can't live your life for you. And as a good friend of mine would say. "No matter how slow you are,your still faster than the person on the couch!" I'm headed to the park to run!!!! Peace and Love!!


  1. Love that post! It is so easy to get derailed by what we assume other people are saying or thinking about us. Most of the time I am convinced it is all in our heads. I think that we are meaner and less forgiving to ourselves concerning our own shortcomings than any stranger would ever be. You remember a few years ago when psychologists were talking about nurturing our "inner child"? Well I think that is still relevant today. I think we have to talk to our inner, healthier person everyday and let them know that we are on the way. We have to tell them to hang tough, that we know they are in there. we have to assure them that they are worth every early morning, every drop of sweat, every piece if cake " no Thank you- ed" and every step taken forward. I know that I get closer everyday and IT IS all about me.

    1. Very well said Butta. There is soo much truth in speaking to the person inside who is waiting to show up in person.

  2. Interesting and very motivating AJ. I would like to share a piece of advice that someone once shared with me. They said,"what others think of you is none of your business." It took me years to understand that but now I do. You are so correct in saying,"your focus is on you…" who cares what others think it is none of our business. I agree we should all make time for our health. When something is not important to us many of us have the tendency to make excuses, and your right there is no excuse. Just like Nike says,"Just do it!"

    I appreciate your simplistic view of things. I have been running for awhile and your views take me back to basics.