Saturday, January 19, 2013

I know it's the weekend!! Put the soda down and drink that!

Yeah yeah's the weekend so i can have a soda right?? Nope! Many of you have read the blurbs as of late about there being absoloutely ZERO that is good about soda,diet too. I mean on the real i love some cold pepsi, but the more i read about how it lends itself to high blood pressure,diabetes,liver failure,kidney failure and all the rest im like dang!!! I can't have nothing!
Now im not saying i'll never ever have one, but i challenged myself to not have one and embrace some good old fashion water. You remember water don't you? It's what most of our bodies are made up of. It's also what we need to keep drinking to flush out our systems so that we function better. I don't know about you but whenever i drink a lot of soda i find myself wanting water before long! It's crazy but it's true. Soo!....this weekend incorporate some water at some point. During the week im pretty good about drinking it, but on the weekends..hmmmph! Strawberry lemonades and pepsi dominate. Drink your water yall!! You owe it to your body. Pray for me!!!!


  1. Great post AJ!...and so very true. =)

    1. Thanks Caroline! I know i can do better at drinking water. It's a must. God bless!

  2. Water, yes get it in! I have to hydrate for an upcoming run, I will be drinking a gallon a day! Stick with it!

  3. Yes!! I'm getting it in! Thanks! I wish you well on your race!