Saturday, January 26, 2013

You have the power!

Today on my run i thought to myself, all this time i wasted not really making a decision to  change Me seemed wasted. But then again everybody has to move in their own time. And only YOU know when that time is. I really want to be a better me. Not just physically,but on the inside too. I think excercising helps me to see who i really am a little clearer and it pulls out the stuff in me that i don't like,but know i should fix. Years ago an older guy i know told me when i was about 18 that "life is a long race, so pace yourself man." I've never forgotten those words and it's sooo true! Folks YOU have the power to change and nobody can do it for you. Don't let others opinion of who they think you are have power over you! Remember it's one lifestyle change at a time! Have a great weekend. Drink your water and eat something better for you! Peace and Love!

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