Friday, January 18, 2013

I hate the word DIET!

I know it's been the culture of society to inquire about how people lose weight and then ask are you on a diet? To me diet implies that it's a temporary thing and when you get where you want to be you could fall back into your old ways. I like to think of the changes i've made as a lifestyle switch. Truly incorporating better foods and excercise is part of my life. One day at a time i try to approach my life style changes as an opportunity to learn more about myself and the things i put in my body. Soo with that let's say we are on a life style change for the better. We've made some adjustments if you will to be healthier and more educated about our bodies. What you can eat i may not be able to and vice versa. Happy Friday folks! Peace and Love!


  1. ' Completely blew it this weekend. I have a lot going on personally and, I am disappointed to say, ate my feelings. Ugh!! It is painfully obvious that food is my drug of choice. As much as you have mentioned that we have to be aware of what we put into our bodies I have learned that I have to equally be aware of what I let get under my skin or in my head. spite of a complete failure Thursday until now this is me admitting that I have had a "moment" (well, being completely honest a few moments ) and am climbing back on the walk/run wagon one finger at a time.

  2. Thats the way Butta. We all have moments and it comes with the territory. That is why it is called a battle. Hang in there and don't give up. Keep walking!