Sunday, January 13, 2013

Morning coffee

I chose to call this submission "Morning Coffee" because for me, much of my reflection time comes from having a nice warm cup and a quiet spot to think. Health and Fitness is a billion dollar industry that keeps on churning out product after product,pill after pill and pipe dream after pipe dream to consumers all across the world. When you think about it society is in the middle of the game that business plays to get your money!! Ohh!..... You do know its all about money right?? From the dvd's to the next great machine that'll take it all off in 30 days its a racket!! The bottom line is there is no easy way to a heathy life style period, end of story. There are no short cuts to looking and feeling better! We all have to do the hard work. I don't want to belabor the point here but it comes down to a simple decision to eat less and move more. Sure we can modify that by saying we need to eat the right things,but honestly in its simplest form a healthy lifestyle is just that. Eat less and move more.
For some of us we can pinpoint the exact time in life when health became a nonfactor or better still we can see where it was never a priority in our upbringing. For me it was NEVER a priority! It was...this is dinner it or go to bed! Momma wasn't making any special meals because i didn't like something. Now i don't blame mom but as i've gotten older i realise i have to do better and i meal at a time with some lapses(honestly). Did you know that food cravings are just as strong as a person addicted to drugs?? Ohh has proven that sugar,salt and fat have been in our diets soo long that our brains have to be reprogrammed to JUST SAY NO. Imagine that?? Donuts,chips,cookies and cake are the equivilent of cocaine,meth or weed. See you wouldn't think so,but you can destroy your body just as fast over time by eating too much of what you shouldn't just as well as a person who can't stay free of drugs. Be honest..when you look at something you want to eat, can you walk away?? I mean especially if its Who can resist free???
Moderation is the key but it is soooo HARD! The challenge i want to give us all this week is to THINK before you eat and get some physical activity in this week. Why?? because you are important to your family,friends and God. Be good to you and remember there really is no short cut to a better you. You have what it takes inside you already. It just needs to be awakened! Peace and Love!


  1. so glad walking is free! no fancy gadgets or membership required. walking away from food can be tough, especially free food, but i'm committing to taking the challenge with you this week. great post!!

  2. I can honestly say in terms of health I have kind of meandered thru life with the belief that I am and will be the sum of my genes and inherited traits; kind of a "You git what you git and you don't throw a fit" standard of living. I know that some of that is true, but mostly I have learned that the future can be altered with our attitude and willingness to change. That's the hard part for me, the space between the desire to be different and the motivation to do something about it. Seeing so many family members meet the same fate has helped to bridge that chasm. When it comes to healthier living I am reminded especially lately that everyone is willing to die for the ones they love, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes to live for them. Thanks for the positive push

    1. Wow!That makes me think on how i have approached life in some sense as well. I am at a point where i want to live a happier and healthier life for my people. Thanks for sharing.