Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Oatmeal cream pies and McDonald's fries oh my!!!

Ok! Ok! I have a confession to make. I have somehow allowed myself to justify 2 guilty pleasures the last 2 weeks. Look! Don't judge me! I told yall i aint perfect!! Anyway, during my lunch break at work i normally eat pretty clean with some protein and veggies and of course WATER. But here lately since they are soo cheap and i feel like i've been soo good i have found a friend. Yes..the Oatmeal cream pie. They are soo good to me and i guess it would be ok in moderation,but i must admit i think ive had one everday at lunch time! UGHHH! Is it my fault that i think they are fantastic???! I mean they should'nt be that good!! Dang! The other thing is..normaly in the evening i will have a salad or something light for dinner, but here again i've added a new side dish in the form of McDonalds fries..Yeah i the runnin fat guy..Shut it!!! Don't sit up there and say you don't like those fries!! Especially when they're nice and HOT!! Good grief. Again it might not be too bad if they were eaten in moderation,but i seem to have made them my side dish for the last couple of weeks! My justification? Well at least im not getting a quarter pounder with cheese too!! hahaha! Well! I had to confess this and now i feel better about it. Thing is i know i have to be honest about what food choices i make and that aint a good one. And don't you know the freekin fries weren't even HOT! Soo the moral of the story is, be real with what you eat cause im learning how to be. Stuff you know you shouldn't be eating on a regular will kill your dream! Stay focused! No pies no fries!!!!! Peace and Love!

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