Friday, January 25, 2013

Gym talkers..all they are is talk. Do you!

Hmmph!! Gym know these bums dont cha? This morning after my workout i had the pleasure of over hearing some "gym talkers" in the next room over. They were talking about a guy who comes in with jeans on and does a few things but maybe not a lot of things. Bottom lines is this...people who are soo concerned about what you do they need to get a freeking LIFE!!!!! Yeah i noticed the guy coming in..but guess what?? HE COMES IN!! Besides that..some people love to talk about other people to make themselves feel good. Crazy thing is it wasn't like they were holding it down like Ebony or Cosmopolitan models themselves! The point here is know the saying your damned if you do and damned if you don't? It's true!!!! One minute they sang Hosanna at Jesus coming through and the next they wanted to crucify Him!...Do your thang people whatever it is and FORGET the "gym talkers." Whatever! Peace and Love! Ohhh yeah and i when i  came out the shower i told'em.."Wow yall aint got a lotta sweat on you. Must be nice to work out through talking." Hehehe..we laughed it off,but they knew where i was coming from. Ha! Happy Friday yall!

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