Monday, January 28, 2013

If it were easy everybody would do it.

Isn't it funny how we all we want certain things, but putting forth the effort to get something isn't always a cake walk. As a matter of fact iv'e heard it said that anything worth having is going to bring with it, it's own brand of struggle. life i believe that to be true. And yet in life its the choices we make concerning things, that show what we are really willing to push forward with, or just decide it's not worth it. I mean have you ever felt like," aww what's the use?" if you have some cake when you promised yourself you wouldn't? I have! It's like since ive already screwed up i might as well go all the way! So eat a few more pieces and forget the work out! But can i tell you that its worth the fight. This is truly the "Battle of the Bulge." We lose some battles but we will win the War. Its not easy and its not supposed to be. The fact that you grind it out every time you walk,run,lift or whatever it is you do is more than most of your peers. If it were easy everybody would put the time and effort in to be different. We're in the trenches folks and it's never easy to go against the grain. Hang in there and do go off the deep end. You're doing more than you were and that's a good thing. Peace and Love!

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