Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cakes,cookies,pies and chips!

You know...the hardest part about making good decisions with food for me seems to be moderation. I grew up with food all around me. Mom used to make good home cooked meals with buscuits,corn muffins,fried chicken etc. And we always had some type of dessert! A nice chocolate on chocolate cake or a pie or something sweet. I love chips as well. But on this path to better health i know that i have the power to exercise some better choices with the things i eat. It's not that i eat a lot,its more that i have a tendancy at times to eat the wrong things more frequently. Soo..thinking about what i eat and how it may derail what im trying to do helps me. We all get the screw it mentality at some point with eating right? If we didn't we wouldn't be over weight right? Or trying to lose those few extra pouunds to fit into that outfit. I have the power and so do YOU to make the choice TODAY that will help you get there. And don't get discouraged if you don't see a change right away. It took time for me to build this keg on my body and im sure it will take time to reach a six pack! Have fun today,enjoy your life and think about what's behind that snickers,honey bun or bag of chips. God bless!


  1. What was the catalyst that motivated you to make a commited effort to a healthier lifestyle?

  2. I think it was when i turned 40 and i saw many of my friends have some real health issues. Even my mom and dad had diabetes,hypertension and so on. Then i realized that for all practical purposes im actually at the half way point of my life. I pray i get another 40, but in order to get there i have to do my part. When my mom had to have some toes removed it really hit home!

  3. My Brother I love what your doing !!!!