Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How i did today.

It was a pretty good day for eating. Although i will admit i had an oatmeal cream pie for dessert today. Gohead....roll your eyes, but i did have a chicken burger and veggies for my lunch. It's a process folks and i already told ya i aint perfect!! Dinner consisted of a chicken salad which is one of my favorite healthier things to eat. I need to work on the dressing thing though. But its better than a big ol' burger,fries and a shake right???! One day at a time folks. And overall this was not a bad day. Oh yeah and i had water which is what we all need to drink more of. Mentally im getting better at making  food choices. Today was a good day! Tomorrow i run at home instead of the gym. Its supposed to be warmer so i will get up and hit the road and im looking forward to it. If you start today to make suttle changes you will see a difference. I promise you. If you don't run,walk. It doesn't matter what you do,just move! Peace!

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