Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eating better.

Who can resist pancakes,eggs,sausage,grits and all the stuff that makes breakfast the bomb? I mean the kind that leaves you feeling like your 2 seconds away from a nap. My challenge has always been FOOD! I personally don't think i eat a lot but my problem has been what i eat. Soo in an effort to do better with eating i have decided to start journaling again. I will write down everything i eat for a week starting today. I figure if i think about it and then record it maybe i will make a better choice. My wife is always saying you can't outwork a bad diet and i believe it. I don't want God to take my cravings away. I just want to control my cravings so i can reach my goals. I mean i do work when i run and lift but i dont want to kill it all by eating a black and bleu burger from Buffalo Wild Wings. sure is good. Today i had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast and coffee. Yeah yeah yeah..sugar and cream were in it. Look! One thing at a time. afternoon snack was greek yogurt,banana and almonds. And of course water all day.

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  1. There are days when a pancake with butery edges can be your friend. :) I know myself very well and I there are just some things that I know that I am not going to do or cut out no matter how what. I plan to eat fruit or veggies for one meal (for now) and have salad for dinner once a week. Some of us are on the remedial end of weight loss. Small steps...