Thursday, January 31, 2013

No man or woman is an island.

About 2 days ago i had the pleasure of meeting a guy who is exactly where i'd like to be in weight!!! Man he was soo encouraging and easy to talk to. The more i asked questions the more he'd answer them and was happy to do it. We are the same height (5'10") and he actually started at my current weight (237) and now he is 183! He's told me everthing that he does and anytime he thinks he forgot something he'll send me a quick email to let me know that "one more thing." The dude has run like 3 half marathons,2 marathons and a slew of 5K's,10K's etc!! Wow! And to top it off,not that he's old,but the guy is 53!! I thought to myself. I have NO EXCUSES for not running after my goal!! He even told me if he can do it i can do it! Dang!! I wanted to run right then!!!! Anyway, im learning that in life the more you give out of your understanding and experience with anything the more you get. I know how i feel when people ask me, How i did it?? You feel good! Even though i always say "it's just me." People genuinely want to know and i want to try to help. I don't know much and im still really new to this but i firmly believe you're at your best when you help others get where they want to be!! Don't be afraid to ask questions because nobody knows it all. If they claim to, walk away! The more you know the better you are and the better you are the more you can help others aim high!! Let's go and pump that water!! Peace and Love!!!


  1. Just to correct a couple of thing in your blog:
    I am not old!
    I started running in 2007 at the young age of 48.
    and I am currently training for my 6th full marathon and I will also run my 6th half marathon on Feb. 9th
    Keep up the good work AJ you are a real treat to correspond with!