Monday, January 14, 2013

It has to start in your head.

Ever ate just because it was there? Ever been bored,depressed,worried,mad,frustrated,happy,elated and just ate and ate because was there. I've done it too! Then after i did i felt like crap, because i know it was an emotional session of being a pig when i really didn't have to. The holidays have come and gone though, and life will always provide some sort of challenge that will try and bait us in to eating a ridiculous amount of food when we're not REALLY hungry. Or we will eat something that is soo high in fat,or sugar that if we were counting calories we wouldn't be able to eat anything for 3 days!!!!! Unicef used to have this commercial that said, "The mind is a terrible thing to waste." There is soo much truth to that when you think about how we allow people,problems and circumstances to dictate our life. Ohh might not think so but think about this. If things don't control you, why are you eating that when you get upset? If people don't get in your head. Why do you shut down and don't get your 30 minute work out in when you promised yourself that this year you WOULD no matter what?? See...your mind is a powerful tool that can talk itself out of or in to anything!! But it all starts with your mind. I can recall when i first started walking, i would tell myself,"One day im gonna be a runner." Hahaha! I would actually talk to myself and say, "Im gonna run a 5K and marathons one day!" Crazy! I know right?? LOL! This coming from someone who was never athletic in the least bit. But i had a vision in my"head" about where i wanted to be. And have to have a vision as well. It all starts in your head. Why is that you do what you do? Find the answer to that, and channel it in  to something that helps you get in better shape physically and mentally. What i try to do is run or go to the gym when i've got a lot of stuff going on in my life. Instead of getting a Mommas pancak e breakfast from Cracker Barrel...i run. When life throws me lemons...i try to run. Whatever that thing is for you turn it into burned up fat and calories!! It has to start in your head! To date i have run 4 5K's,1-8K and 1-4miler and i'm just getting started!!!
Oh! and i still love! Peace and Love!


  1. you were right about the stress relieving. I have so much going on in my life right now it was hard to by pass the cookies (I tend to eat my feelings). Today instead of chocolate chip ice cream I had a helping of "Forget You" and walked. Much better!! :)

    1. Excellent Butta! See there you go! It's a process and you are well on your way. Good job!